International Society of Political Psychology

Nevitt Sanford Award

For Professional Contributions to Political Psychology

Nevitt Sanford was deeply influenced by John Dewey, who imposed upon the scholar the obligation to put knowledge to work in the solution of social problems. Thus the ISPP was dear to his heart. Nevitt's problem-centered approach to the generation of human knowledge involved not only perceiving but also doing or making, so his interests ranged widely through the disciplines, much like ISPP. His specialization was in personality theory and human problems, particularly the authoritarian personality and social destructiveness, higher education and adult development.

This award, set up in the honor of Nevitt Sanford, is to be given yearly to someone deemed by the committee to be 1) engaged in the practical application of political psychological principles, or 2) creating knowledge that is accessible and used by practitioners to make a positive difference in the way politics is carried out.

The award recipient will be strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting and Awards Reception and may be asked to give a talk at the 2020 annual meeting in recognition of their work in the field.

All nominations must include a CV of the nominee and an argumentation why he/she deserves the award. Send nominations via post or e-mail to the award committee chair.

2020 Award Committee:


THE NOMINATION PROCESS FOR 2020 WILL OPEN SOON. Please check back for committee and submission information. The deadline for nominations is 15 January 2020.

Winners will be notified by early March.

First awarded in 1979.

Past Winners

  • Linda Tropp
  • Kevin Durrheim
  • 2017 Stephen Reicher and Alex Haslam
  • 2016 Jon Krosnick
  • 2015 Stanley Feldman
  • 2014 Leonie Huddy
  • 2013 Kristin Monroe
  • 2012 Daniel Bar-Tal
  • 2011 Ronald Fisher
  • 2010 Peter Loewenberg
  • 2009 Not Awarded
  • 2008 Joe Montville
  • 2007 Doris Graber
  • 2006 Henk Dekker
  • 2005 Helen Haste
  • 2004 Martha Crenshaw
  • 2003 Ervin Staub
  • 2002 Jerrold Post
  • 2001 Judith Torney-Purta
  • 2000 Jansuz Reykowski
  • 1999 Hal Saunders
  • 1998 Elizabeth Lira Kornberg
  • 1997 Phil Tetlock
  • 1996 M. Kent Jennings
  • 1995 Margaret G. Hermann
  • 1994 Vamik D. Volkan
  • 1993 Roberta Sigel
  • 1992 Robert Jervis
  • 1991 Richard Christie
  • 1990 Irving L. Janis
  • 1989 Ralf G. Dahrendorf
  • 1988 Ole R. Holsti
  • 1987 Ralph K. White
  • 1986 Robert E. Lane
  • 1985 Morton Deutsch
  • 1984 Herb Kelman
  • 1983 Gabriel Almond
  • 1982 David Reismanv
  • 1981 Hilda Himmelweit
  • 1980 David Riesman
  • 1979 Nevitt Sanford

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