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Markwell Media Award

The Noel Markwell Media Award is presented to someone in the media whose work best reflects the purposes and the spirit of the International Society of Political Psychology. The award is open to any institution, journalist, or other media source that demonstrates concern for the political psychological factors that are central to the ISPP. The award carries a monetary award of $500 total (to split among multiple individuals if applicable).

2018 Award Committee Chair:

Marco Steenbergen
University of Zurich

THE NOMINATION PROCESS FOR 2018 IS NOW OPEN. The deadline for nominations is 15 January 2018.

Winners will be notified by 30 April 2018.

First awarded in 2005.

Past Winners

  • 2017 Jerry Large, Seattle Times
  • 2016 Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC
  • 2015 Chris Mooney, The Washington Post, United States
  • 2014 Thomas B. Edsall, Columbia University, United States
  • 2013 Sasha Issenberg, MONOCLE, United States
  • 2012 Shankar Vedantam, National Public Radio (NPR), United States
  • 2011 Robert Fisk, The Independent
  • 2010 Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!
  • 2009 Mr. Takasumi Saikawa,Chief Editorial Writer of Kyodo News, Japan
  • 2008 Bill Moyers (PBS: Bill Moyers Journal)
  • 2007 Not Awarded
  • 2006 Not Awarded
  • 2005 Stephanie Nolen (The Toronto Globe and Mail) and Philip Gourevitch (The New Yorker, Paris Review)

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