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Member Spotlight

Dr. Tereza Capelos discusses Political Psychology

Dr. Tereza Capelos, who teaches at the University of Surrey in the U.K. and runs the ISPP Summer Academy, gave a talk on political psychology on the BBC Radio 4 program, 'The Human Zoo' on 3 February 2015:

Dr. Tereza Capelos is on BBC Radio 4 ‘The Human Zoo’ at 3:30 on February 3rd. exploring the hearts and minds of voters. How do citizens decide if and how to vote? Tereza offers a brief insight into political psychology models of political decision making that trace the processes that citizens follow as they reach their judgements. Is it their most salient considerations or their gut feelings that shape their decisions? What are the different mental pathways that voters follow as they decide? And what do we know about those undecided voters that often shape electoral outcomes? Find out about these questions and a lot more by listening in: .

She is also giving an invited talk on the psychology of electioneering at the Lib Dem conference on March 14th at Liverpool.

Her presentation will highlight hot debates and present cutting edge research about how citizens make political choices during elections, such as political information processing, the role of cognition and emotions in decision making, the value of political reputations and their components, and identify the often undetected and overseen biases that shape the ways we choose our favourite parties and candidates.

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