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Our 2019 Annual Meeting will be held July 12-15, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal at the InterContinental Lisbon, located on Rua Castilho.

You can view information about Lisbon (attractions, dining, shopping, festivals, etc.) HERE.


Our 2019 conference is completely FULL and registration is NOW CLOSED. We will NOT be able to take on-site registrations, as we are at the venue's capacity. The schedule can be viewed HERE. If you have questions, please contact the ISPP Central Office.


David P. Redlawsk (University of Delaware, USA), ISPP President
Topic: "Empowering Citizens in Illiberal Times: The Political Psychology of Oppression and Resistance"
Summary: Academic Freedom is under attack worldwide. Yet, it is a cornerstone of the academy, empowering scholars to go where the evidence leads, to make arguments that may challenge the powers-that-be, and to do so without fear of political interference. Neither long-established democracies nor places where the idea of independent scholarship is still new are being spared in these attacks. ISPP has been particularly concerned about the impact of authoritarian attacks on scholars in Turkey, where we have had a growing membership. This plenary will present new research on scholars under threat in Turkey and describe how ISPP is responding, while highlighting the impact on ISPP members and others whose careers have been all but destroyed.

Sara Mitchell (University of Iowa, USA)
Topic: Navigating Gender Biases in Academia
Summary: Accumulated empirical evidence identifies discernible gender gaps across many dimensions of professional academic careers including academic service, and citations. In addition to summarizing patterns of gender bias in the social science fields, this presentation discusses strategies for addressing these biases.

Stephen Reicher (University of St. Andrews, Scotland), 2018 ISPP Lasswell Award Winner
Topic: Social Identity as Political Psychology
Summary: In this talk, I shall argue that the social identity approach in social psychology constitutes a theory of social power. It is through the creation of a sense of shared social identity in a group that people cohere and come to constitute a source of social power; it is through defining the content of identity (and hence the goals of the group) that this power is articulated in society. Insofar as it addresses these twin questions, then the social identity approach provides a psychological basis to the analysis of politics. I shall then discuss the processes through which psychological groups are formed, paying particular attention to the key role of leaders as ‘entrepreneurs of identity’. I shall also examine how different forms of politics (specifically degrees of democracy and autocracy) depend on the relationship between leaders and follows in defining the group identity. Finally, I shall examine the role of leadership and identity definition in propagating (and contesting) the toxic politics of intergroup hatred.

Kevin Durrheim (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), 2018 ISPP Sanford Award Winner
Topic: The Beginning and the End of Racism - and Something in Between
Summary: In this presentation I will tell a story about the concept of racism - how it was born, the meandering of its development inside and outside the social sciences - and conclude by speculating about its end. The concept of racism arose and gained currency in debates about Nazism in Europe. It then became firmly integrated into authoritative social science discourse, where its association with irrationality was cemented. The concept migrated into everyday discourse where it was powerfully deployed in critique, aided in no small measure by the authoritative clout lent it by the social science endeavor. In recent years, this authority has been underminded both by rigourously social constructionist treatment of racism as a strategic "social accomplishment" or "identity performance" and by conceptual inflation as privileged groups - the historical perpetrators of racism - claim to be its victims. Does this signal the end of racism - I ask in conclusion - or will it find a way of rising above the cacophony of racism accusation and denial?


Conference Theme: Empowering Citizens in Illiberal Times: The Political Psychology of Oppression and Resistance

President: David P. Redlawsk (University of Delaware, USA)
Program Co-chairs: Angie Bos (College of Wooster, USA) & Shelley McKeown Jones (University of Bristol, United Kingdom).

Conference within the Conference (CWC): Gender in Political Psychology. This series of sessions will feature research panels related to gender and political psychology - as well as professional development panels related to gender equity in the academy. Selected panels will constitute a focused set of panels that will be listed together in the conference program as part of the CWC. ISPP Annual Meeting attendees will be invited to participate in the CWC where they will have an opportunity to delve into gender in political psychology more deeply through engagement across multiple sessions. CWC organizers will also plan an informal networking event outside of the conference sessions.


Our Call for Papers can be viewed HERE.

Individual submissions (papers/posters/blitz presentations) roundtables and symposia are welcome. Typically symposia include a Chair and four presentations, or three presentations and a discussant.

The submission process for the 2019 Annual Meeting is NOW CLOSED. The submission deadline was 1 December 2018. Notifications will go out in February 2019.

Please be sure to note any scheduling requests/notes when you submit your proposal (ex., do not schedule on first day). We will consider all requests, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone.

For questions regarding the submission process, scheduling, and other matters related to the content of the program, please contact the 2019 Program Chairs. For questions regarding the venue, lodging, and conference logistics, please contact ISPP's Central Office.


All presenters at ISPP's 2019 Annual Meeting will be provided notification and will need to agree to terms regarding the use of copyrighted materials within their presentations during the submission process. That notice can be viewed HERE as well.


Please click HERE to view more information on the conference, such as information about our networking opportunities and general schedule. This site will be updated as planning progresses, so please check back often.

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The poster boards will be 0.96m (37.79 inches) wide by 1.45m (57.08 inches) high. This is the maximum size of the surface you will have to display your poster. The boards are oriented portrait-style, longer than wider. We recommend that you make your poster slightly smaller than the board dimensions, to ensure that you are able to use pins/tacks to affix the poster to the boards.


Please use THIS LINK to make your reservations at the conference hotel. ISPP has arranged for a block of rooms at the InterContinental Lisbon on Rua Castilho at discounted rates starting at €145++/night for a single and €165++/night for a double (NB: doubles have only two twin beds). As of January 2019, the city occupancy tax has increased to 2 Euros per person, per night, with a maximum of 14 Euros per guest over the age of 13 years. Hotel reservations must be made by 15 MAY 2019 (EXTENDED!).

PLEASE NOTE: The above is ISPP's ONLY arrangement for hotel reservations. All information and links relating to the conference will be provided on this web page and in e-mails directly from ISPP. Beware if you are contacted by someone stating that they are working with ISPP for discounted room rates; such communications are not legitimate.

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Please see the web sites below for information on visa requirements for travel to Portugal:
U.S. State Department
Schengen Visa Information
Visa & Passport Information

PLEASE MONITOR THESE SITES FOR CHANGES TO REQUIREMENTS. Accepted presenters will be able to obtain a letter for visa application in early 2019. Please be sure to have your letter at least 30 days prior to the applicable registration deadline.


Registration for our 2019 conference is NOW CLOSED. We will NOT be able to take on-site registrations as we are at the venue's capacity. If you have questions, please contact the ISPP Central Office.

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If you need a receipt or invoice for your payment in a different form than is automatically generated, please contact ISPP’s Central Office. This could include a receipt showing one payment for registration and ISPP membership.


Registration Fees for ISPP 2019 for Income $0-$30,000 USD/year:
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Registration fees include: admission to the full conference, coffee breaks, and admission to any general conference receptions (space permitting). Please note that receptions have limited capacities and will generate waitlists when they are full, but we will accommodate as many people as space will allow. The Mentoring Lunch is also free of charge, and is limited to 75 mentees and 25 mentors, to allow for the best interaction and exchanges. We apologize if we are unable to accommodate you this year.


The Mentoring Luncheon is organized annually to facilitate one-on-one meetings between early career scholars and leading academics and researchers in their field. One of the main goals of this event is to facilitate long-term connections, for career development and research advice beyond the individual’s supervisors’ at her or his respective institution. This event has attracted increasing numbers of participants over the years, as emerging scholars recognize the value of engaging with leading researchers in a relaxing and informal atmosphere. The leading scholars provide their time on a voluntary basis, which is highly appreciated by the early career scholars. Opportunities to volunteer as a mentor or to sign up as an early career scholar are usually announced in the early part of each year. Announcements are made on the website, and invitations are sent out via email to ISPP members. If you or someone you know might be interested in volunteering as a mentor or attending as a "mentee", please do get in touch via email.

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to limitations, this event can accommodate only 75 mentees and 25 mentors (100 total persons). Registering for the lunch when you register for the conference does NOT guarantee your participation in the Mentoring Luncheon. You will need to receive confirmation of your registration for this event from the luncheon organizers.


The application process for ISPP's 2019 Summer Academy is NOW CLOSED. Notifications will be sent out in late February/start of March. Please see THIS PAGE for details and links.


The application process for Early Career Scholars Travel Awards is NOW CLOSED. Please see THIS PAGE for details and links.


For publishers and authors interested in having display copies, samples, or flyers at the conference, please contact ISPP's Executive Director, Sev Bennett, for more information.


Child Care Information: HERE you will find a list of some child care services in Lisbon that you may wish to consider. Please note that these are being provided only for your information and convenience, and ISPP does not endorse any of these services. Parents/guardians should do their due diligence and thoroughly research any child care providers they are considering.

Eateries in the vicinity of the conference venue: HERE you will find a listing of eateries for lunch, dinner, and drinks in the area of the conference venue. Information includes location, approximate distance from the venue, hours of operation, and payment methods accepted. PLEASE NOTE: Some eateries that accept Visa and MasterCard only accept Portuguese payment cards, so please be sure to always have cash or an alternate method of payment available.

Taxis: It is advisable to have cash available to pay for taxis.

Helpful local information slide deck: HERE is a slide deck with a variety of helpful information put together by our local representatives team.

Please see the web sites below for information on Lisbon, Portugal:
Visit Lisboa
Visit Lisboa - Useful Information


ISPP wishes to thank Turismo de Lisboa and Turismo de Portugal for anticipated funding for its Annual Meeting.

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