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Workshop on statistical genetic methods for human complex traits, Boulder, Colorado, March 3-7 2014

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The introduction of genetic methods into political science necessitates training the political science community in these methods. The National Science Foundation (SES-1258678) will subvent tuition for 10 political scientists (faculty and graduate students) to attend the 2014 International Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human Complex Traits. This is a hands-on methods training course. Attendees will develop new tools to train students, include familial modeling in their coursework and research, write grants, supervise theses, and review articles and grants related to this new area of research. Every participant will have a laptop provided to share with one other participant, take part in model development, and conduct analyses using various statistical packages, among many other exercises.

The Institute for Behavioral Genetics hosts this annual workshop aimed at training junior and advanced faculty in behavioral genetics. A detailed description of the course can be found at  Topics for the course will include: causes of variation; introduction to R programming; likelihood; matrix algebra; path analysis; twin analysis; biometrical genetics; between-group heterogeneity; continuous heterogeneity and G x E; multivariate phenotypic factor and genetic analysis; developmental models; multiple-rater and contrast effects; extended twin designs; power analysis; GCTA; direction of causation and Mendelian randomization; genetic epidemiology in the genomic age; new advances in genetics epidemiology; and responsible conduct of research.

Attendees will leave the workshop ready to conduct behavior genetic analyses, and gain access to scripts, statistical packages, and training materials to take home for future use. Space is limited; in order to ensure space for 10 political scientists, the NSF will pay for the full rate of tuition for selected participants. Grant funds will cover tuition for attendees, and lunch is provided by the course. However, participants must arrange and cover their travel, lodging, and other meals.

Location - Boulder, Colorado, March 3rd-7th 2014.  

Prerequisites- Participants are strongly advised to have some familiarity with the R statistical computing language before attending the workshop. A basic understanding of maximum likelihood and structural equation modeling, or Bayesian techniques, is also required. Women and members of historically underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

Application Process closes December 15, 2013.

1. Complete and email the form here, along with a one-page vita, to Prof. Pete Hatemi, by 12/15/2013.

2. IMPORTANT- please place “NSF-Politics and Genetics Course” in the header

3. Individuals selected for attendance will be notified by 12/30/2013. Those not selected will be placed on a standby list.


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