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Our ECPR Political Psychology Standing Group will host one specialized course on European Political Psychology Developments and Methodologies, to be offered at the 2014 ISPP Summer Academy taking place on July 1-3, 2014 in Rome. The Summer Academy offers a new programme every year comprised of 5-7 specialized courses designed for young scholars. It aims at advanced postgraduate students or academics who are likely to teach political psychology and/or conduct political psychology research in the future, but do not have the opportunity to follow political psychology courses at their home institution. The summer school will host about 40 students who seek to advance their training in political psychology.

Summer School TRAVEL AND ACCOMODATION GRANTS: Our Standing Group offers two travel and accommodation grants for scholars from ECPR member institutions to attend the summer school (up to $200 or €165 each). In order for the participants to be eligible to receive the grant, they must:
1. Be from an ECPR member institution who have paid their annual membership fee (you can check to see if their institution is a paid member here:
2. Have paid their Summer School fees in full
3. Not be receiving any other funding to attend the Summer School; i.e. must be self-funded
4. Be subject to adequate academic performance during the Summer School, as assessed by the Summer School organisers
5. Present a research poster at the Summer School .

OTHER BENEFITS: Because the Summer Academy occurs in conjunction with the ISPP International Conference, it also provides the Summer Academy students with the unique opportunity to engage with a truly international mix of participants. ISPP commits to offer a full fee waiver for the 2014 ISPP Conference.

ISPP also offers free ISPP membership for 2014 to students of the summer school. These students will have the opportunity to follow cutting edge research presentations from the instructors, discuss their research agendas in smaller breakout groups, and take part in a number of social activ


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