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SASP Summer School 2012, Australia

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2012 Australasian Summer School in Social Psychology will be held from Friday, February 3 to Wednesday, February 8 (remember, thats Summer in the Southern Hemisphere!) at the Moreton Bay Research Station of the University of Queensland on Stradbroke Island, Australia (just one hour from Brisbane). The summer school is held bi-annually. This is the fifth summer school and will again be hosted by the University of Queensland.

The Summer School will offer 30–36 places to graduate students across three research streams. The Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP) sponsors the summerschool and accepts up to 5 EASP PhD students. Each stream will be taught by an invited researcher and a researcher from the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists. The teachers and workshop topics are:

* Interpersonal and Group-Based Emotions taught by Brian Lickel (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Tom Denson (University of New South Wales)
* Working with Real Groups taught by Tom Postmes (University of Groningen) and Blake McKimmie (University of Queensland)
* Social Justice taught by Heather Smith (Sonoma State University) and Kelly Fielding (University of Queensland)

For more information, visit the 2012 Australasian Summer School in Social Psychology webpage. Up to 5 European EASP postgraduate members will be selected (and sponsored) by the EASP. Please do not apply via de SASP website but follow the instructions on the EASP website.

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