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Qualitative Psychology Pre-Conference and Special Interest Group, University of Illinois (May 21-24)

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Critical and Post-Structural Possibilities, Dialogues, and Practices' Pre-Conference and Special Interest Group

Part of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, this event will take place both as a preconference(on Wednesday afternoon) and as a Special Interest Group (SIG) throughout the conferenceon Friday and Saturday.On Wednesday May 21st, in the afternoon, there will be three different events:

1) A very exciting keynote dialogue between Norman Denzin and Ken Gergen on poststructuraland critical inquiries in psychology;

2) Conversation Roundtables;

3) Data playgrounds.

On Friday May 23rd and Saturday 24th, there will be paper presentations for the Special InterestGroup (SIG) on Qualitative Psychology. These SIG presentations will be part of the International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry.

For submissions and the online Call for Abstracts, please follow this link: 



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