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Post-doc positions with POLIS/Department of Political Science and Government, Aarhus University

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POLIS is a newly established research group focusing on the current role of political parties in Western democratic politics. The project has three integrated sub-components, focusing on
(1) inter-party competition (e.g., how can parties influence the political agenda and how do they react to their competitors?), (2) party interactions with the media (e.g., when is media attention to political issues picked up by political parties?), and (3) political parties' relations with the electorate (e.g., how and when do political parties influence public opinion and voter perceptions of the parties?). The project aims to combine these sub-components as we investigate the interactions between party competition, media dynamics, and public opinion development.

The group is financed by the Danish Social Science Research Council and the Research Foundation of Aarhus University for the period 2012-2015. The senior researchers of the group are Rune Slothuus, Rune Stubager, Peter B. Mortensen, and Christoffer Green-Pedersen. Each post-doc position offers attractive conditions for independent as well as collaborative research within a small research group. Each post-doc position will imply approximately 35% teaching, primarily seminar teaching for MA students in English. Through the research group, each post-doc will have access to significant funding for travel and data collection.
Applicants are expected to hold (or be close to completing) a PhD in political science, political communication, or a related social science field. In addition to interest in conducting independent and collaborative research within the focus of POLIS, applicants must demonstrate the ability to conduct state-of-the-art research within the field, possess strong methodological skills, extensive experience with empirical research, and an excellent command of spoken and written English.

Each post-doc position is expected to last 2-3 years starting January 1, 2013 but both duration and starting date can be negotiated. Salary is according to the Danish pay schedule (approximately 400.000 DKK (€ 55,000) a year plus pension contribution) with opportunities for reduced taxation. 

Interested scholars should send a CV and a short statement of research interests to the project leader, Professor Christoffer Green-Pedersen by e-mail to: before May 1, 2012. Potential candidates will then be asked to submit a short research proposal and will be interviewed.

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