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Join the JSC! Call for nominations JSC 2013-2014

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We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2013-2014 term of the JSC! 

The JSC serves the needs of ISPP's students and early career scholars, and is an integral part of theISPP by working with members of the ISPP, organizing events at the annual meeting, and maintainingseveral online sites that facilitate communication across the discipline. Serving on the JSC is anexcellent opportunity to meet and work with other members of the ISPP, guide the JSC in meetingthe needs of Junior Scholars, experience a "behind the scenes" of an academic society, and boostyour curriculum vitae with international committee experience.

The following positions will open up:

Chair-elect (1)

 Working under the current chair, the Chair-elect is responsible for learning the ins and outs of the JSC in preparation for taking the lead as JSC Chair the following year. To ensure sufficient experiencewith the JSC the chair-elect will simultaneously hold either one of the other positions in the JSC.

Duties as the JSC Chair include writing reports to the Governing Council, overseeing the JSC budget,and representing the interests of Junior Scholars in the ISPP. The JSC Chair is encouraged to attendthe Governing Council (twice a year, one of which takes place during the annual meeting) andreceives some financial support from ISPP to cover travel costs for attending these meetings.

The position of Chair-elect anticipates a three-year term of service to the JSC, one year as chair-elect(combined with another position in the JSC), one year as chair, and the third year in capacity of chairex-officio.

Mentorship program coordinator (1)

The Mentoring Tea is organized during the annual meeting of the ISPP to facilitate one-to-onemeetings between junior scholars and leading researchers in their area. While enjoying tea andcookies, small groups of junior scholars meet their mentor and discuss their research interests andprojects. After the annual meeting, mentors and mentees are encouraged to maintaincommunication with one another.The Mentorship Program Coordinators are in charge of inviting mentors and mentees to sign-up forthe Mentroship Tea, inform them about their assigned mentor/mentees, and make sure that the Tearuns smoothly during the conference.

Professional development coordinator (1)

At the annual meeting of the ISPP, the JSC hosts typically two roundtables focussing on aspects ofprofessional development for students and early career researchers in Political Psychology. TheProfessional development coordinators are in charge of organizing the roundtables at the annualmeeting, by setting the theme and inviting scholars to participate in these roundtables.

Newsletter editor (1)

The newsletter of the JSC is published twice a year to inform ISPP's students and early careerresearchers about what is going on in the ISPP, the JSC, and the field of Political Psychology. TheNewsletter Editors are in charge of collecting contributions for the newsletter from other peopleboth within and outside the JSC and to compile the newsletter.

How to apply:

To apply for a position in the Junior Scholars Committee submit the following materialsto

A brief statement in which you elaborate on your interest in the JSC and political psychology,how you would like to contribute to the JSC, your experiences relevant to the JSC, and whichposition is of most interest to you and why. If you apply for the position of chair-elect, pleasealso indicate with which other position you would prefer to combine this.

An abbreviated curriculum vitea (max. 2 pages including (a) Your name, (b) your country andaffiliation, (c) your discipline, (d) your educational background, (e) your current status (e.g.,graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, faculty member, ...) and (f) your organizationaland committee experiences in ISPP or elsewhere).

Deadline: 30 April 2013

All members of the JSC serve a two-year term, except the chair-elect (which is a three yearcommitment). To make our committee more representative of ISPP’s membership, we are lookingfor representatives from every continent and both disciplines.

All JSC members are encouraged - but not required - to attend ISPP's annual meeting.

Decision process and notification:

A selection committee comprised of JSC members and Governing Council members will review theapplications. The 2013-2014 JSC will be announced by the end of May with the new term beginningafter the annual meeting in July.

Feel free to email us with any questions - - the current JSC members are happy to assistyou in any way possible.

See our newsletter for the experiences of some current and former JSC members.


Thank you for your interest and good luck!

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