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Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes 2012

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14th Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes “Group and Identity (trans)formation — Analyzing the roots of what WE are” will take place June 28th–July 1st 2012.

The aim of the 14th Jena Workshop is to bring together researchers who are interested in research that focuses on processes that help understanding why and how social groups form and transform.

Following the tradition of the Jena Workshops on Intergroup Processes, the format of this medium-size meeting is single-session, with a strong focus on intensive discussion of unresolved underlying issues reflected in the schedule. Junior researchers are encouraged to submit presentation proposals. Two participants per paper are welcome (e.g., a PhD student and her/his supervisor). 

Researchers interested in participation are invited to submit a 200 word summary of their proposed presentation by February 28th, 2012, to Gerhard Reese ( A participation fee will be charged. In the preceding years, this fee was around €90 for PhD Students, and €180 for Post-Doc participants, including accommodation and full board. Gerhard Reese and Thomas Kessler ( are happy to answer any inquiries related to the workshop.

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