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Jean Monnet@CRonEM Summer School on ‘Resistance, protest and social change in the EU’

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The Summer School aims to foster a dialogue on the present and future state of European Integration and to enhance the quality of teaching on this particular issue by focusing on the social and political implications of the current euro-crisis. The Summer School introduces students to key debates in EU studies and provides a range of opportunities to engage with the development of four key issues in current EU politics:

  • The European social dimension, with a particular emphasis on equality, gender and anti-discrimination;  
  • Euro-scepticism; 
  • Europeanisation; 
  • Civil Society and public sphere in the EU.

The Summer School involves experts and researchers coming from different European countries and from a rich mix of scientific backgrounds, including political sociology, social policy, political science, and policy studies. The Summer School builds on existing exchanges in the field of social sciences shaped by the CRonEM research centre. CRonEM, the Centre for Research on the European Matrix, explores the everyday impact of European integration on citizens’ lives, evaluating how the EU and the other continental organisations shape the way we live. See

Themes and Format

In particular, the Summer School will focus on Resistance, protest and social change in the EU, though a triple format:

  • Masterclass lectures delivered by key note speakers in the morning (3 hour session)
  • Afternoon sessions with the CRonEM academic staff and the key note speakers (2 hour session). The scope of the seminar activities will be to reflect upon current methodological challenges in order to study the process of European Integration in the context of the euro-crisis.
  •  Evening sessions aimed at the drafting of a poster and a research paper by the students on one of the summer school’s thematic areas (1 hour session)

The Summer School is structured into four days for a total duration of 24 hours of teaching and seminar work. Each student will be offered the possibility to produce a poster to be presented during the CRonEM Conference and to publish a Jean Monnet Working Paper on a topic related to the themes of the Summer School.

The Summer School is organised as part the Jean Monnet Module ‘Current Trends in European Integration Studies: Beyond the Eurocrisis’ coordinated by Dr. Cristiano Bee.


Dr Oliver Daddow, University of Leicester
Prof  Paul Statham, University of Sussex
Dr  Johanna Kantola, University of Helsinki
Dr Amandine Crespy, Free University of Brussels


For more information on the Summer School and how to apply please visit the webpage:

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organiser of the Summer School, Dr. Cristiano Bee (

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