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We are continuously working on improving and expanding the scope of the ISPP ECC blog, in particular, to increase early career scholar inclusion and diversity. Getting your work published on the ISPP website is an excellent way to disseminate your research, increase your visibility, and invite future collaboration possibilities. This is a great opportunity whether you are a PhD student, Postdoc, or early career researcher.

We are interested and open for a wide range of topics related to political psychology, encouraging collaborations from diverse academic backgrounds which help to enrich the understanding of political phenomena from a psychological perspective.

For our April 2017 issue, we are seeking new blog entries with the following requirements:

a)      An article up to 1.000 words about your current research on some of the topic related to the aims of the ISPP (e.g., political ideology, political behaviour, human values, social justice, cultural norms, personality dynamics, social identification, intergroup relations, political leadership, collective action, protest, and societal transformation).

b)      The article should include a section about the practical implications of your work.

c)      A brief description (up to 50 words, positioned at the end of your article), which includes the name, location, affiliation, and current position of the author.

d)     A list of references, including DOIs.

Interested contributors should submit their articles to the ISPP Early Career Web Resources Coordinators: Patricio Saavedra Morales, or Tina Keil,, before March 6th 2017.  


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