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Greetings from the Early Career Committee - Fall 2018

Posted by Lucas Czarnecki •

By Patricio Saavedra Morales

Dear colleagues,

I am very honored to lead the Early Career Committee (ECC) for 2018-2019 and have the immense responsibility of representing ISPP Early Career Scholars during this year. I can assure you that I will do my best to face this challenge, especially in behalf of those who (like myself) come from underrepresented cultural backgrounds and geographical areas within ISPP. In line with this, I strongly believe one of the great challenges our scientific society need to face is the internationalization of our activities as well the promotion of diversity within our members.

To address these challenges in the best way possible, our committee decided to implement direct and positive actions in the organization of all our activities during the year. Thus, in our next Annual Meeting in Lisbon, we are seeking to reassure that activities like the Professional Development roundtables are leading by early career scholars from underrepresented areas as Latin America, while we expect to get equal gender representation in our panels. The same guidelines will be applied for our traditional Mentoring Luncheon. Sincerely, we want this time mentees to enrich their experiences in meeting academic mentors from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This will allow mentees to learn not only about how to reach a better progress in academia but also on the difficulties some scholars had (or still have) to cope with, in a context where likely they are part of a minority group.

Regarding our activities throughout the year, we are glad to announce our last call for articles to our blog was a complete success.  We received 13 interesting abstracts by early careers scholars from countries as Uruguay, Brazil, Turkey, Austria, Italy, and the US. I really want to thank all those who submitted their works with the aim of sharing their knowledge with the rest of our community. Undoubtedly, the new blog posts will bring the attention of many scholars worldwide. Please, follow our Medium (@ispp.ecc), Twitter (@PolPsyISPP) and Facebook (@PolPsyISPP) accounts to read those selected articles that will be published soon.

Another space we manage during the year is the ECC Newsletter. I want to highlight that the theme of Fall issue (released in November) was ‘Populism and Current Politics’. An outstanding contribution about the advance of populism in Brazil was written by Flavio Azevedo (University of Cologne), Daniel Mucciolo (Universidad do Contestado), and Da’Quallon D. Smith (Columbia University), while Professor David O. Sears gave us some useful advices in relation to being a Political Psychologist these days. Other interesting contributions were those written by Ahron Levy (Kudos Column), and Raquel Da Silva (Connection Corner) who was looking for putting together a panel on ‘Dialogical Narrative Approaches to (de) Radicalization.  

So far, you can realize our activities are in line with the idea of enhancing the internationalization of our society and promoting diversity within it. Our committee is working hard this year convinced that a truly international scientific society is no one which just declares to be open to all researchers but rather recognizes differences between their members and carry out active actions to ensure equality and diversity.

Last but not least, I want to acknowledge the incredible effort so far all the members of the Early Career Committee have done to accomplish our tasks and objectives for this year: Thia Sagherian-Dickey (ECC Chair-Elect); Karolina Urbanska and Chadly Stern (Mentorship Program); Sandra Obradovic and Bradley Mankoff (ECC Newsletter Editors); Lucas Czarnecki and Sumedh Rao (Web Resources Coordinators). 


Patricio Saavedra Morales

ISPP – ECC Chair 2018-2019

University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

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