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Greetings from the Early Career Committee

Posted by Lucas Czarnecki •

Following our wonderful meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland I assumed the position of Chair of the Early Career Committee (ECC). I would like to thank Shelly McKeown Jones, the ECC Chair for that meeting, for all her hard work and the guidance she provided me. I am now pleased to update the ISPP Membership on our activities since and what we have planned in the coming months.

In Edinburgh, the ECC offered another well-received Mentoring Luncheon. Since the transformation to a luncheon in 2014, the mentoring event has continued to receive rave reviews from Early Career Scholars about the value of meeting with senior scholars in an intimate setting to receive career and research guidance from those who came before. Additionally, we offered two Professional Development Roundtables that covered communicating political psychology research and choosing the right academic journal for publication. Additionally, our Professional Development team organized our second “Elevator Pitch” Workshop. This event gives younger scholars the opportunity to practice packaging their research agenda into a brief “pitch” and receive valuable feedback from more senior scholars who had experience in this area. Finally, ECC members who were completing their tenure received certificates thanking them for their participation from ISPP President Kate Reynolds.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ISPP, on behalf of the ECC and Early Career members, for the support we continue to receive so that we may continue to provide these events. Equally importantly, I would like to thank all members of the ISPP and Early Career members who participated in – and provided feedback for – our events. The financial support from the ISPP Governing Council has been pivotal to the success of our events. This financial support increased even further for the meeting in Edinburgh when the Governing Council increased the funding for the ECC’s annual travel awards. In previous years, the ECC offered 13 travel awards to help fund the travel of Early Career scholars to the annual meetings. Thanks to the generosity of the Governing Council, we were able to increase that number to 15!

Following our meeting in Edinburgh, we welcomed new members to our committee. We welcomed Chadley Stern (Mentor Program Co-Coordinator), Sandra Obradovic (Co-Editor of the ECC Newsletter), Lucas Czarnecki and Sumedh Rao (Web Resources Co-Coordinators). Finally, we are delighted to announce that Patricio Saavedra Morales assumed the position of Chair-Elect. To find out more about ECC members and their respective roles, please check out our webpage

The committee has been very busy since the conference ended. Our Web Resources team has been very active in sharing relevant information and announcements via ISPP’s social media outlets. Instead of the social media outlets exclusively covering ECC-related information, the social media accounts now represent the whole of ISPP! So, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to stay up to date on news from the ISPP. Additionally, be sure to check out ISPP’s blog We are currently planning our events for the 2018 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. We will once again offer two roundtables, the “Elevator Pitch” workshop, the mentoring luncheon, and our Early Career Scholars Social Hour.

We would love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us at for questions, comments, or to submit a contribution or announcement. Let us know how we can improve and how the ECC can continue to serve the needs of Early Career Scholars.

Gary Smith

ISPP – ECC Chair 2017-2018

University of Central Florida, USA  


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