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This month the JSC caught up with committee Chair, Laura K. Taylor, to find out more about what the JSC can offer you and how you can contribute to some of our exciting features.

Laura K. Taylor is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the Department of Peace & Conflict Studies. Her research applies a risk and resilience framework to examine the impact of political violence on children, families, and communities in Colombia, Croatia and Northern Ireland. 

Join us!

The Junior Scholars Committee (JSC) of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP) wants to hear from you! We’ve re-vamped our social media to be more interactive and responsive to your needs. For example, the blog and newsletter have added new sections to incorporate your voices and perspectives. To celebrate your achievements, we have launched a Kudos Column. This brief segment will profile an emerging scholar who is making a difference in the ISPP community. Whether you want to know more about what political psychology is, want to see how junior scholars have shaped their careers, want to find research collaborators or want to contribute and get your name out there, this column is for you. We encourage you all to contact us about the work you’re doing to advance the field of political psychology, whether it be through teaching, policy, activism or research. If you want to contribute to this feature, please send the information to our JSC Social Media Coordinators, Shelley McKeown ( and Kanica Rakhra (

Showcase your research, find collaborators

With increasing demand to show the impact of your research, the JSC blog can also extend the reach of your research. Throughout the year we will incorporate more substantive pieces on topics relevant to our society. Perhaps you can expand on the findings from a recent paper and explore the policy implications in greater detail through the themed blog posts. As refugee flows surge, conflict continues to build in the Middle East, and entrenched racism affects local policing in the US during a local election year, we want to hear your perspectives and analyses.

Catch up on the latest JSC and ISPP news

To complement the efforts of the blog, the JSC newsletter will continue to introduce fresh ideas and perspectives from leaders in our field. Continuing the successful conversations from the JSC mentoring luncheon held at the annual meetings, this virtual discussion will cover topics on the front of your professional development needs such as publishing, getting grants, and translational research. In addition, this year the Newsletter Coordinators, Dana Townsend ( and Elif Önal (, are developing a collaboration corner. This component of the newsletter aims to help forge partnerships across regions and perhaps be a place to recruit online participants.

These combined efforts, all taking advantage of our virtual community, hope to promote internationalization of ISPP, and the JSC membership in particular. By using these forms of communication we are seeking to cultivate new members across the globe. We hope these free and accessible formats will offer you ways to connect and get your voice heard. Be a part of the conversation through your JSC network at ISPP.

What next?

This blog post covers just some of the innovations and creativity our new JSC communications teams are bringing to the table. But, we also want to hear from you! What else can we as the JSC do to help link and network you? What other forms of communication or features in the existing structures can we add? Feel free to reach out to me as JSC Chair at and follow us on twitter @ISPP_JSC.


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