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Executive Director’s Corner Fall 2017

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Thanks to all who attended the 2017 ISPP Annual Scientific Meeting in Edinburgh this past June/July and helped make it a successful event.  And thank you also for your valuable feedback on the conference, which the Central Office takes very seriously. We work with the ISPP Governing Council and conference Program Chairs to incorporate that feedback in future conferences to improve your experience. 

In 2018 we are headed to San Antonio, Texas (U.S.) at the Hilton Palacio del Rio hotel, located right on San Antonio’s world famous River Walk.  The hotel was built in the 1960s for the World’s Fair and every room has a balcony, either looking out on the river or the city.  The Hilton is also mere minutes from the San Antonio Missions, declared a World Heritage Site.  We will be in town at an excellent time, as 2018 is the city’s 300th anniversary, and a variety of special events relating to that will be taking place, in addition to the festivities for the U.S.’s Independence Day on 4 July. 

We fully acknowledge that the current administration of the U.S. has made the country as a whole less welcoming, and the state of Texas itself has had recent events in its own legislature that have made it less appealing to some groups (though the mayor of San Antonio has been very vocal about being against those decisions and potential state laws).  When the decision for meeting in San Antonio was made and the contract signed by ISPP back in 2015 these issues did not exist and there were no mentions of them.  And while it is unfortunate that circumstances have taken these turns, we must proceed as planned, and honor the commitments in place.  San Antonio was selected because it is a fun city filled with culture and amazing food, and also very affordable.  It is the seventh-largest city in the U.S. (and still growing); has numerous restaurants by top chefs and is considered a “foodie” destination; is filled with history and culture, from festivals to sites such as The Alamo and Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site, the homestead of the former U.S. President and First Lady.  It is consistently ranked in the top U.S. cities for meetings and conferences (and has been for many years), and is a popular destination for families and vacations.  Having been there several times myself, I can say that I have never had a bad time in San Antonio.  It is also not as difficult to reach as you might think: numerous North American international airports have direct flights to/from San Antonio daily, such as Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington Dulles.  You can check this website for flight information; if you can get to certain airports from your origin, it is easy to get to San Antonio in only two legs of flying.  I sincerely hope that you will join us, as it should be a great conference in a very enjoyable location.  ISPP and San Antonio will welcome you warmly (with air conditioning)!  Stay updated with details on


We are aware of one or two third-party sites that list our conference along with some links for lodging, and not all of the information about the conference on those sites is accurate. PLEASE BE SURE TO ONLY USE THE INFORMATION AND LINKS POSTED ON ISPP’S WEB SITE AND IN E-MAILS DIRECTLY FROM ISPP.  We also recently became aware of e-mails being sent out to members of other academic organizations, attempting to get them to make bank transfers, supposedly for payments to the organization.  ISPP’s data has not been compromised, but we do want you to be aware of these things so that you are not duped if you do get such a communication, or find yourself on a third-party web site.  We cannot control the content on the third-party sites, so use information and links on those sites at your own risk.  The information on ISPP’s web site is the only OFFICIAL information about the conference, membership, our publications, etc., and all of our e-mails come from an e-mail address and feature the ISPP logo (you will notice new headers on our e-mails once we start using Events Air – more information below – but they will still have the logo).  If you are ever uncertain about the origin of an e-mail that claims to be from ISPP, you can always e-mail the Central Office directly to inquire.

In other news, the ISPP Central Office has been busily training on new software for membership, conference registration, and conference proposal submission.  We expect to switch over very soon and open the 2018 proposal submission process, so in the coming weeks you will see an announcement about that with new URLs, and our web pages on the ISPP web site will direct you to sites with “Events Air” in the web address.  Events Air looks a lot cleaner and more streamlined than the system we have been using, and we hope that you will find it much more intuitive and user-friendly.  We know that there will be some questions, and Heather and I are here to help.  Just please be patient, as we may need to contact Tech Support ourselves for assistance, until we’ve been working with the system for a while and learn all of the ins-and-outs.      

It is a year of changes for ISPP, and the membership and conference pricing have also been overhauled.  Once the new membership pricing goes into effect in November, many people will notice their membership price will actually decrease.  All of your member benefits will remain unchanged.  This is a one-time adjustment because the membership and conference pricing will now both be based on annual income.  We have also made adjustments to normalize the conference pricing.  There will still be some fluctuation from year to year, but it will not be as drastic as differences seen recently.  The 2018 conference pricing has been posted on

Last but certainly not least, be sure to also check our Future Meetings page for upcoming information on our 2019 and 2020 meeting locations, planned to be Lisbon, Portugal and Berlin, Germany.  Venues will be posted on that page as soon as venues are secured. In early February 2018, we will also announce our 2021 conference location on that page.


  • The nomination process for the 2018 awards presented at the Annual Meeting is underway!  Nominations are due from mid-December 2017 to mid-January 2018, depending on the specific award.  If you want to nominate someone, please see our web site under “Awards” for details and contact information for each award’s committee.
  • ISPP is accepting proposals for small grants for 2018.  The deadline for submissions is 15 December 2017.  Information and details are available on
  • We are taking orders for hard copies of the February 2018 issue of Advances in Political Psychology until 15 December 2017.  As a reminder, online access to Advances is included with your ISPP membership, but hard copies are $25.00 USD each.  You can order your copy by logging in at and going to “Merchandise” on the menu on the left.  Please be sure to place your order before 15 December 2017 if you would like a hard copy sent to you, so that your request can be included in the mailing list for the February 2018 journal issues.  **PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE WE SWITCH TO EVENTS AIR, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER IN THE OLD OR THE NEW SYSTEM – WE WILL CHECK FOR ORDERS IN BOTH.**  The table of contents for the 2018 issue can be viewed at
  • Many ISPP members will be due to renew their membership in late December/early January and will be receiving renewal notices via e-mail in the next few months.  Please keep an eye on your Inboxes and Spam/Junk folders for your renewal reminders!  And please be certain to update your information with us when you renew: salary, mailing address, e-mail address, etc.

If anyone has any problems with any aspect of their membership or renewal, please do not hesitate to contact us in the Central Office.  Thank you all for your membership, and have a wonderful academic year!



Severine Bennett, PMP

Executive Director, ISPP


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