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ECPR Political Psychology Standing Group: paper and panel submission DEADLINE TOMORROW

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The POLITICAL PSYCHOLOGY SECTION (S046): Political Psychology in Europe: Advances, Theoretical Debates and Empirical Applications invites papers to the following panels:

1.      Political leadership and public opinion
2.      Media, Campaigns and Image-making

3.      Political Knowledge, Socialization and Learning

4.      Political Scandals, Tensions, Crises: management and implications

5.      Extreme Political attitudes: fanaticism, radicalism

6.      New and Old Identities: construction and implications

7.      Conflict vs. Cohesion: threat, phobias, multiculturalism

8.      Advances in Political Psychology: methodological and theoretical contributions

The second stage of the application process is now open to anyone wishing to propose a complete Panel with Papers, and to those who want to propose individual Papers to a particular Section. The list of our panels, along with other news, is available on our Standing Group website:
For more information on the 2014 ECPR Conference please visit the ECPR website.


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