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Call for Submissions for the ISPP Junior Scholars Blog

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Call for Submissions on the ‘Psychological Consequences of the Economic Recession’.

 Deadline on March 15, 2013


We are pleased to announce our second call for submissions for the ISPP—Junior Scholars Blog. This comes after our successful first call on the theme of ‘identity’ which resulted in 3 very interesting contributions: ‘Our hyphenated selves: what it means to be a “__   _” - American' by Yasemin Acar, 'Humiliated by caste: understanding emotional consequences of identity denial' by Yashpal Jogdand and ‘Latino identities in the American political world’ by Angel Saavedra Cisneros.

The theme of our second call for contributions will be on the ‘Psychological Consequences of the Economic Recession’. Considering the numerous academic work that has been looking at the nature of the economic recession both in the international and domestic arenas, but also its consequences on international and national institutions and actors as well as on public opinion, we have decided to focus on the psychological impact of the economic recession for our next topic. Our second call for submissions (just like the first one) can be interpreted as broadly or as specifically as you like without any (thematic or geographical) constraints. The contributions can be based on your research focus and outcomes or be entirely related to your personal experiences and opinions.

In terms of style, we are not looking for academic articles (since we are sure that you are highly occupied with these), what we are looking for instead are commentaries or short analyses, written in an informal style and keeping references to a minimum. The maximum words limit is between 800- 1,000 words.

If you would like to make a submission, or ask any questions about submitting your piece, please contact us at (Stavroula) or (Emma). The deadline for submissions on the theme of the ‘Psychological Consequences of the Economic Recession’ is on March 15, 2013. We strongly encourage early submissions (even if it is much before the closing date), so please feel free to send us your piece as soon as you complete it.

As a final note, we would like to invite you to keep an eye on our blog and take part in the open dialogue by sharing your ideas and comments on the pieces that have been already uploaded and also on those we will be uploading in due time.

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions and hearing your ideas on this hot topic! 

Best wishes for a prosperous 2013,

Emma O’ Dwyer &  Stavroula Chrona

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