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Call for Papers: Special Issue of Social Justice Research

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Special Issue of Social Justice Research



Guest Editors: H. Hannah Nam (New York University/Stony Brook University), John T. Jost (New York University), and Stanley Feldman (Stony Brook University)


The study of fairness and social justice using neuroscience and other biological methods is becoming increasingly widespread. Examining the neurobiological basis of justice-related behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes has tremendous potential to unify theoretical and empirical insights across seemingly disparate levels of analysis. The main aim of this special issue is to bring together diverse research programs incorporating methods and theories of neuroscience and biology (such as fMRI, EEG, TMS, and genetics, among others) to the understanding of fairness and social justice. For this special issue of SJR, which is projected to be published in mid-2017 and guest edited by H. Hannah Nam (New York University/Stony Brook University), John T. Jost (New York University), and Stanley Feldman (Stony Brook University), we welcome submissions of theoretical and empirical papers incorporating neurobiological techniques and approaches in the study of justice-related topics, including (but not limited to) empathy, fairness, morality, ideology, gender, (in)equality, intergroup dynamics, collective action, and social change. 

Social Justice Research is an international multidisciplinary forum for the publication of original papers that have implications of sufficient scope to be important to all social scientists investigating the origins, structures, and consequences of justice in human affairs. The journal encompasses the justice-related work (using traditional and novel approaches) of all social scientists—psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, policy scientists, political scientists, legal researchers, management scientists, and others. By its multidisciplinary approach, Social Justice Research hopes to further the integration of the various social science perspectives.


Submission deadline for one-page abstracts: April 30, 2016

(please email to


Submission deadline for papers (based on accepted abstracts): September 30, 2016

We expect that the special issue will appear in 2017.


All submissions, including those that are invited based on one-page abstracts (which should be emailed to, will go through the usual SJRpeer-review process. They should be submitted using the online system, specifying that the submission is for the special issue on the “Neurobiology of Fairness and Social Justice.” Instructions for authors are available at

For any questions about the special issue, please feel free to contact us, or


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