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Call for Papers: Meta-analysis on collective action

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Meta-analysis on psychological predictors of collective action

Tom Postmes, Russell Spears and Martijn van Zomeren are currently conducting a new meta-analysis on psychological predictors of collective action, based on research published since 2007. After having identified and processed published work, they are now looking for unpublished work.

They would welcome receiving unpublished papers that report studies that include statistical tests (based in correlational, experimental, or longitudinal designs) of any of the following four predictor variables on measures of collective action (ranging from support for action to tendencies and intentions and actual behavior; referring to past, present or future behavior, and ranging from peaceful to violent forms of action):

(1) group, social, or politicized identification;
(2) perceptions of group-based unfairness/injustice/illegitimacy/relative deprivation and/or associated feelings (e.g., anger, contempt, resentment);
(3) group or political efficacy beliefs (independent of the specific related goals), and perceptions of status stability
(4) individual moral attitudes/mandates/convictions, or group ideology (e.g., SDO, group identity content).

They welcome unpublished work that samples from disadvantaged or advantaged groups, general groups or specific social movements or other activist groups, different countries, different issues, and different theoretical traditions.
Any unpublished papers which seem relevant to the meta-analysis should be sent to before April 1, 2014.


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