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Call for papers: GPIR Special Issue on Intergroup Forgiveness

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Call for papers, Group Processes & Intergroup Relations Special Issue on Intergroup Forgiveness: When Groups Forgive: Antecedents and Consequences

  • Guest Editors: Miles Hewstone (University of Oxford, UK),
  • Nyla R. Branscombe (University of Kansas, USA) and
  • Masi Noor (Canterbury Christ Church University, UK)

*****Deadline extended****

Whether forgiveness is essential for intergroup reconciliation may be disputable, but its potential to repair human relationships following offenses committed based on group membership remains of considerable importance. Social contextual factors that encourage forgiveness of past wrongs and the extent to which forgiveness results in meaningful improvement in intergroup relations is the primary focus of this special issue. Over the last decade, the concept of Intergroup Forgiveness has appeared on the agenda of social psychologists although there is still much room for conceptual clarification, empirical validation and applications to understanding intergroup reconciliation.

The aim of the present special issue is to galvanize the momentum of research on intergroup forgiveness and make theoretical and methodological advances on this significant issue. Thus, priority will be given to submissions with an explicit focus on intergroup forgiveness (including related concepts such as intergroup apology and research addressing forms of categorization that serve to inhibit forgiveness). We welcome research articles based on diverse theoretical perspectives and from a wide range of empirical approaches, especially studies conducted outside the lab, those involving members of groups that have perpetrated the harm or those who have been victimized by it, and contributions offering novel theoretical frameworks.

 Manuscripts (typically 5000-8000 words) should be prepared in accordance with APA publication guidelines as described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Articles for this special issue should be submitted no later than 17th February 2014.

 Manuscripts should be submitted using the regular GPIR online system, specifying that the submission is for the special issue on Intergroup Forgiveness.  The submission website is:



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