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Call for Papers: Agents through Time: How Do People “Make History”?

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Agents through Time: How Do People “Make History”?

Social Psychological & Historical Research into

Collective Memories, Social Identities & Intergroup Relations



University of Limerick, Ireland


July 7-8, 2016


This international conference is organized in the framework of Cost Action IS1205 “Social Psychological dynamics of historical representations in the enlarged European Union” ( The conference is hosted and organized by the Department of Psychology, University of Limerick, in collaboration with the Department of History and the Centre for Irish-German Studies, from University of Limerick.


This conference has 3 main objectives:                              

  • To create interdisciplinary dialogue between participants from different fields (particularly between social psychologists and historians) and national contexts,
  • To disseminate research findings on core themes of interest: the interplay between social representations of history or collective memories, social identities, and intergroup relations
  • To generate knowledge and discussions between academics and stakeholders on relevant research findings regarding national histories, political mobilization, psychological resistance, coping mechanisms, and the transmission of collective memories.


Invited keynote speakers are internationally renowned experts:

Prof. Dr. Nyla Branscombe, Pioneer in social psychological approaches to history based collective emotions, Department of Psychology, University of Kansas, US

Prof. Dr. Maria Grever, Director of the Center for Historical Culture, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

Dr. Brigitte Sion, Expert in Performance Studies and Memorial Practices, Associate researcher at the Switzerland Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva, Switzerland 


Information on how to submit papers can be found here, with a brief overview below. Submissions can now be made here.

We invite submissions of individual presentations, posters, or symposia/panels.
Each individual presentation should be between 15-20 minutes in length, and the duration of a presentation session, or panel session will be 1h 30 min. The posters will be displayed in 2 poster sessions of approximately 1 hour (one on each day of the conference), and will also be grouped according to thematic commonalities, in panels of posters. Depending on the number of posters selected, the program may allow for an individual 5 minute presentation of the poster.The preferred length of the individual abstracts for both presentations and abstracts is between 200 and 300 words (the maximum is 300 words).

We support submissions of symposia/panels, containing 3 and maximum 5 papers, with a common topic, and designated discussant. For these submissions, please include an abstract for the whole panel to indicate the common themes or links between the talks. In case a designated discussant is appointed for the panel, we recomend that only a maximum of 4 papers are included in the session. A discussant is not a necessary requirement for the submission of symposia or panel sessions; in this case a symposium/panel session could include a maximum of 5 papers. The preferred length of the panel abstract and all individual papers abstracts is between 200 and 300 words (the maximum is 300 words). 

Abstracts should be written in English and contain a clear outline of the argument, the theoretical framework, and, where applicable, methodology, results and conclusions.
Each participant may submit more than one proposal, but only one paper or poster by the same first author will be accepted.

All proposals will undergo a double blind peer review process.





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