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Call for Biracial/Racial Ambiguity Person Perception Data

Posted by Emma O'Dwyer •

Call for Biracial/Racial Ambiguity Person Perception Data:

The Stigma, Health, and Close Relationships Lab ( is currently conducting a systematic review of research on person construal and evaluation of biracial/mixed-race and/or racially ambiguous targets. We would like to include unpublished, in press, and published data produced since 2000 in this review. If you have any results that a) manipulate a target'sbiracial/multiracial or ambiguous status through any means (visual presentation, racial label, ancestry, etc) and b) include categorization (such as deliberate or automatic racial categorization or data that reflect categorization such as memory data) or evaluation (stereotyping, hiring decisions, liking,interaction outcomes or other person perception data), we would be grateful if you would forward your work to us. If the data is unpublished, please include a brief summary of the methodology and findings and/or send a clearly marked dataset.

All papers and questions can be forwarded to: 

Thanks for your assistance, Diana T. Sanchez, Danielle Young, Kristin Pauker, & Sarah Gaither


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