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‘Humiliated by caste: Understanding emotional consequences of identity denial’ by Yashpal Jogdand

Posted by Emma O'Dwyer •

This piece on the topic of identity is by Yashpal Jogdand. Yaspal is a PhD student based at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK. He is deeply interested in the issues of self-respect and human dignity at the individual as well as group level. His PhD project at St Andrews specifically deals with the phenomenology of humiliation in the Dalit context and an experimental analysis of the conditions under which humiliation might lead to collective action.

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‘Our hyphenated selves: What it means to be a “__________” - American’ by Yasemin Acar

Posted by Stavroula Chrona •

Contribution to the topic of identity by Yasemin Acar. Yasemin Acar is a PhD student based at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. Her research interests focus on the real world manifestations of intergroup relations and social identity dynamics as seen through political protest and social activism. She focuses especially on the context of Turkey. She is currently based in Istanbul where she is conducting research and teaching social psychology.

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Call for Submissions - Junior Scholars Blog

Posted by Stavroula Chrona •

In order to stimulate dialogue and create a sense of community among Junior Scholars, the blog is now accepting short (between 800- 1.000 words) submissions on the theme of identity. The deadline for submissions is the 1st January.

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The Data Behind Research Findings

Posted by Jolanda van der Noll •

One of the big topics of discussion in the discipline today is transparency in research. We have asked for input on this important issue from Ute Gabriel, a professor of social psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim and former Associate Editor of the European Journal of Social Psychology (2010-2011).

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