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2nd ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques University of Vienna, Austria 17th - 22nd February

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The Winter School in Methods and Techniques (WSMT) is an annual event which is complimentary to the ECPR's Summer School. Together they provide comprehensive methods training across a three step programme. The WMST programme consists of introductory and advanced courses, in a one-week format, suitable for advanced students and junior researchers in political science and its adjacent disciplines. There is also the opportunity to participate in one of the software training courses. Intermediate-level courses are held at the ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques, in either one two-week or two consecutive one-week courses.

The WSMT provides high quality up-to-date training in a broad range of specially selected methods across the whole spectrum of approaches employed within the Social Sciences. The SSMT features both introductory and more advanced courses taught in parallel during the same time slot, in a one-week format, while the intermediate-level courses are held at the SSMT, in a two-week or a one-week course format. The WSMT also features some additional software training courses, as well as a lively plenary and social programme.

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact  Denise Chapman, Methods School Manager.

ECPR Members – If you register and pay for your course(s) before midnight on 22 October 2012 you will receive a special €50 'Early Bird Discount'. Please note the Early Bird offer is only for participants attending from ECPR member institutions. (The ECPR membership year ends on the 30 September and all members have until the 31 December to renew otherwise their benefits will cease on this date. All WSMT participants planning to attend as an ECPR member must therefore ensure that their institution has paid their membership fee by the 31 December, otherwise they will be charged the full, non member rate.)

ECPR School in Methods and Techniques

Good research requires a solid methodology; a belief key to the aims of the ECPR and the reason for the creation of its Methods School.

Launched in 2006, the ECPR’s Summer School in Methods and Techniques quickly became established as one of the leading events of its type for students of political science and the related disciplines, paving the way for the Winter School to be established in 2011.

The 'philosophy' of the ECPR’s Methods School is to offer up-to-date methods training across the whole range of methodologies (and across different paradigms and approaches). By combining the two events students and junior researchers can follow, over a period of two years, a full range of training at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels; the full scope of methods training. The Winter School in Methods and Techniques (WSMT), comprises both introductory-level courses (step 1) and advanced courses (step 3), in an intensive one-week format, while the Summer School in Methods and Techniques (SSMT) provides the ‘step 2’ intermediate-level courses.

The ECPR’s Methods School cover those methods which are particularly salient for research questions in political science and neighbouring disciplines, as well as dealing with all stages of a project and catering to the needs of research set at the macro and at the micro level. They cover both ‘quantitative’ and ‘qualitative’ designs as well as more positivist and more interpretative perspectives.

The School comprises an intensive programme of seminars and lab sessions which require a strong commitment from participants. The teaching language is English, and therefore all participants must be fluent in spoken English.


The ECPR’s three-step curriculum

- Step 1: introductory one week courses (5 days, 3 contact hours per day) in February of the first year at the WSMT (these do not require prior knowledge apart from basic Bachelor training);

- Step 2: intermediate two week course (one module) or two consecutive one week courses (2 modules) (10 days, 3 contact hours per day) in July/August of the first year at the SSMT (these courses assume basic knowledge of the topic (at the level of an introductory course) and bring a PhD student to the level of a methodologically sound PhD research);

- Step 3: advanced one week courses (5 days, 3 contact hours per day) in February of the second year at the WSMT (these courses bring researchers to methodological sophistication, so as to work at the methodological frontier in their field).

NB: The full curriculum (Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 3) commenced with the first WSMT in February 2012 (Step 1 – introductory courses).

The courses offered at the WSMT (steps 1 & 3) and at the SSMT (step 2) are designed in such a way that courses from the three levels offer much complementarity and cumulativeness. In other words, several different ‘training paths’ are offered, depending on the type of specialised or more diversified qualifications the participants wish or need to acquire.


For those participants who need or wish to obtain ECTS Credits the SSMT and WSMT host institutions grant, separately, ECTS Credits Certificates: up to 5 Credits for one SSMT participation (two week course), and up to 2 ECTS Credits for one WSMT participation (one week course). For any participant attending more than one type of event (also over a longer period of time, e.g. over 2-3 years), the ECPR also issues a joint Certificate of attendance (certifying participation at the sequence of 2 or 3 events).

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact Denise Chapman, Methods School Manager.

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