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14th Biennial Conference of the ISJR “Social Justice in a Complex Reality”

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The 14th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Justice Research (ISJR) will be held on September 9–12, 2012 at COMAS — The College of Management Academic Studies, Israel’s leading academic college.

The Call for Abstracts for speakers and poster presentations is open until the end of January 2012.

Under its general theme, “Social Justice in a Complex Reality”, the conference seeks to foster discussion and dialogue within the following sub-themes:
1. Inter-generational justice, including young-old conflicts, future generations, sustainability and ecology, and the future workplace; 2. Inequality, including legitimation of (in)equality; and 3. Globalization.

For more information visit the conference website.

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The College of Management Academic Studies, Israel’s leading academic college.

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