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Special Statement Regarding the Ongoing Situation in Turkey

A Joint Statement on the Ongoing Situation in Turkey

As professional associations of social scientists in various disciplines, some of which have members in Turkey, the organizations listed below are deeply concerned about recent reports of infringements of academic freedom in Turkey, in particular in the aftermath of the recent attempt at a coup d’état. These reports refer, amongst other things, to the dismissal of over 1500 university deans and professors, and to a ban on foreign travel for all academics in Turkey. We do not want to interfere in domestic Turkish politics, but we can and must speak out when academic freedom is at risk. Academic freedom is vital for all disciplines, but particularly so for scholars studying social and political developments. We call on the Turkish political authorities to take all possible steps to guarantee that our members, affiliates, and other academics are allowed to continue their scholarly work without interference. Meanwhile we offer our sympathy and support to our Turkish members/affiliates and other academics in Turkey.


Rudy Andeweg 
European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR)

Helen Drake 

Matthew Flinders/Helena Djurkovic (CEO) 

Kate Reynolds  
International Association of Political Psychology

Einear Thomassen 
European Association for the Study of Religions (EASR)

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