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This area of the site is for us to let you know what's going on in the world of ISPP, inform you of upcoming events and deadlines, and to provide our members with a place to share news and announce upcoming events and opportunities that they might have.

Most Recent Announcements

Invitation to participate in a Socio-Political Psychology survey

Have you participated in a social movement (such as: protest movements) for human, animal or environment rights in the past 10 years (from 1 June, 2009 till 1 June, 2019)?Monash University researchers are investigating the factors which best influence socio-political outcomes following these kinds of social movements in your country.  See the following announcement for more details.

Download the attachment Invitation_to_participate_in_a_Socio.pdf

Meta-Analysis Project: Emotions and Information Search

Please see the following announcement regarding a Meta-Analysis Project: Emotions and Information Search aimed at determining the extent to which experiencing particular emotions – anxiety being the most likely – is associated with subsequent information search.  Please submit information by the end of the summer (end of August/early September).

Download the attachment Meta-Analyses_Emotions_and_Search_for_Information.pdf

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