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ISPP Support for Scholars in Turkey & Elsewhere

ISPP's Scholars Under Threat Fund

If you enjoy academic freedom and the chance to do the research you think is important, please support your colleagues whose academic freedom is in jeopardy.

Donations made to ISPP ‘s Scholars Under Threat Fund will be used to help support academic scholars in Turkey who have been impacted by the recent actions of the country's government (see below for more information).

ISPP will MATCH all contributions made to the Scholars Under Threat Fund up to $40,000 in 2018, so you can double your gift.

Consider some of the expenses that your contribution can cover:

  • $15 is the per diem travel rate within Turkey
  • $70 pays for one-hour consultation with a lawyer
  • $105 buys a bag of groceries for a family of four for a week
  • $700 provides one-month rent for a two-bedroom apartment
  • $1,100 covers fees for a lawyer representing an academic in Heavy Penal Court
  • If you wish to donate, please click here.

    ISPP's Scholars Under Threat Committee will determine the distribution of funds collected specifically for this purpose.
    ISPP is a 501(c3) charitable organization, and all donations are tax-deductible for people filing income tax in the U.S.

    Applications for ISPP’s Scholars Under Threat Funds Now Being Accepted

    The ISPP "scholars under threat" fund is designed to support ISPP members in Turkey in a variety of ways.

    It is possible to request funds for immediate emergency support for personal living needs. The funds are also available for supporting scholars under threat to continue scholarly activities by covering research costs to conduct research in Turkey, covering travel and living expenses to visit colleagues and universities outside Turkey to collaborate for research, and to organize for foreign scholars to travel to Turkey to conduct joint research to support applicant’s scholar activities (foreign scholars are expected to have their own research funds, but additional funds can be sought to keep local scholars research active or for capacity building).


    Funding applications are capped at $1000USD for emergency relief and at $1000USD for scholarly activities (note we may not be able to fund to the maximum in all cases).

    The funds have been collected through a donation drive among ISPP membership and matched funding from ISPP. Several sister organizations generously offered support by sharing the ISPP call for donations among their membership.

    ISPP Executive Committee has designated a committee to assess applications and make the funding decisions. All applications will be kept confidential.

    Please click here for the application form.

    Please return the application form to the ISPP Central Office.

    International Delegation Observing Court Hearings in Turkey

  • December 2018: Read Stephen Reicher's most recent observations from trials in Istanbul.
  • December 2018: ISPP Governing Council Member, Anna Kende, and former Treasurer, Felicia Pratto, provide their account.
  • Read Stephen Reicher's summary from the international delegation observing the court hearings in Turkey.
  • The BBC Radio 4 program "Inside Science" interviewed Steve Reicher.
  • ISPP Governing Council Member, Masi Noor, provides his account in this blog post.
  • The full delegation of David Redlawsk, Masi Noor, and Steve Reicher have an op-ed piece in USA Today.
  • Peace Academic Yasemin Gülsüm Acar's Statement in Court.
  • Updates by the Social and Political Psychology Platform of Turkey

    November 2017

    A day in the Court (March 2018)

    Special Statements by ISPP and Other Organizations

    The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey Newsletter "SUPPORTING ACADEMICS AS A HUMAN RIGHTS ACTOR IN A CHALLENGING CONTEXT" (April 2018)

    Open Letter of Support for Students of Boğaziçi University (April 2018)

    Joint Statement of Support for Colleagues in Turkey (February 2018)

    Joint Statement of Support for Colleagues in Turkey (August 2017)

    Emails to our Membership

    ISPP Efforts to Help Scholars in Turkey (Email to ISPP membership, March 2017)

    Message from ISPP President, Eva G.T. Green, February 2018 (Email to ISPP membership, February 2018)

    ISPP Political Psychologists Under Threat Committee

    ISPP established a committee to monitor and coordinate ISPP actions to support political psychologists whose academic freedom is under threat. If you want to participate please contact the Central Office via

    Free one-year ISPP membership for dismissed/displaced colleagues in Turkey

    ISPP is committed to keeping colleagues from Turkey connected to the international community of political psychologists. Therefore, ISPP offers free one-year ISPP membership for colleagues in/from Turkey who have been dismissed or politically displaced and are currently not in a fully compensated academic position, regardless of where they are currently living. For more information, please contact the ISPP Central Office.

    Resource on How to Host Scholars Under Threat

    The organization Scholars at Risk has produced this guide on how to host scholars at your home institution: How to Host Handbook.

    Gender Studies Under Threat in Hungary

    ISPP's leaderhip has been watching the developing situation in Hungary regarding gender studies, and they have drafted a statement that will also be sent to the Hungarian government. Read the statement here.

    Response from the Hungarian Government

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