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Summer Courses

Summer Institute in Political Psychology (SIPP) at Stanford University

The next SIPP will be TBD (2017)

The Summer Institute in Political Psychology (SIPP) is a three-week intensive training program introducing graduate students and professionals to the world of political psychology scholarship. On-line applications are accepted on a first come-first accepted basis.

Created at Ohio State University in 1991 and offered by Stanford University since 2005 (with support from the National Science Foundation), SIPP has hosted hundreds of participants over the years. The SIPP curriculum is designed to produce skilled, creative, and effective scholarly researchers who would do more and better work in political psychology as the result of their attendance. The training experience: 1) provides broad exposure to theories, empirical findings, and research traditions; 2) illustrates successful cross-disciplinary research and integration; 3) enhances methodological pluralism; and 4) strengthens institutional networks.

The schedule of activities mixes lectures with opportunities for students to talk with faculty and with each other in structured and less formal atmospheres. Topics covered in past SIPPs include race relations, conflict and dispute resolution, voting and elections, international conflict, decision-making by political elites, moral disengagement and violence, social networks, activism and social protest, political socialization, and justice.

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