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Understanding the psychological aspects of national and international political developments is increasingly important in this age of international tension and sweeping political change. Political Psychology, the journal of the International Society of Political Psychology, is dedicated to the analysis of the interrelationships between psychological and political processes. International contributors draw on a diverse range of sources, including cognitive psychology, political science, economics, history, international relations, philosophy, political theory, sociology, and social and clinical psychology.

Political Psychology has a 2-year impact factor of 2.384. It is ranked 8th amongst Political Science journals, and 12th amongst Social Psychology journals. Political Psychology is in over 4,000 institutions worldwide, and in 2013 there were over 605,000 downloads of manuscripts published in the journal.

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View videos relating to recent articles in Political Psychology:

Michael Bang Petersen, Lene Aarøe, Niels Holm Jensen, and Oliver Curry: "Social Welfare and the Psychology of Food Sharing: Short-Term Hunger Increases Support for Social Welfare."

Todd Lucas, Cort Rudolph, Ludmila Zhdanova, Evone Barkho, and Nathan Weidner: "Distributive Justice for Others, Collective Angst, and Support for Exclusion of Immigrants."

Cengiz Erisen presents findings from the article, "Affective Contagion in Effortful Political Thinking."

Lucian Gideon Conway III presents findings of the Symposium on Automated Integrative Complexity.

Thomas Zeitzoff presents findings from his article, "Anger, Exposure to Violence, and Intragroup Conflict."

Monica C. Schneider and Angela L. Bos present Measuring Stereotypes of Female Politicians.

Kevin B. Smith presents Genetic and Environmental Transmission of Political Orientation.

Eric Groenendyk presents Emotional Rescue: How Affect Helps Partisans Overcome Collective Action Problems.


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