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Cigdem V. Sirin, University of Texas at El Paso

Feeling European: Examining Identity Transformations of Ethnic Minorities in Turkey

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Miriam Kriger, FLACSO (Argentina); Alicia Barreiro, University of Buenos Aires

Representations about political participation and belief in a just world: A study about Argentine yo

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Rauf Garagozov, Center for Strategic Studies; Rena Gadirova, Baku State University

Collective memory of Ethnopolitical Conflict: The Case of NAGORNO KARABAKH

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Cristian Tileaga, Loughborough University

“You can’t really trust anyone anymore”: Trust, moral identity and the social production of coming t

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Carly Jacobs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Eric Whitaker, Western Washington University

Single vs. Multiple Group Identities: Collective Outcomes and the Effects of Group Identities

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Rossalina Latcheva, University of Zurich; Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, Federal Institute of Research in Education, Innovation and Development of the Austrian School-syste

Identification and belonging among descendants of immigrants in Europe

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Inari Sakki, University of Helsinki

The construction of national histories and identities in the current far-right discourse

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John Joseph Haller, Claremont Graduate University; Michael A Hogg, Claremont Graduate University

An Uncertainty-Identity Perspective of American Political Ideology and Social Justice Preferences

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Magdalena Budziszewska, Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw

What are we all responsible for? Collective guilt and shame in Poland

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stavroula tsirogianni, Methodology Institute, London School of Economics

The Greek Good LIfe: Myth or Reality?

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Ignacio Bresco, UAM, Psiclogia

Rights and Duties on dispute. (Re)constructing the last peace-process in the Basque country through

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Tugce Kurtis, University of Kansas; Glenn Adams, University of Kansas; Alexander M Schoemann, University of Kansas

In 1492: Silence in Representations of American History and Implications for Identity-Relevant Actio

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Paul Hollander, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

The Impact of Traumatic Personal Experiences on Political Attitudes and Professional Work Orientatio

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Miriam Elizabeth Kriger, CONICET- FLACSO-UBA

Ethnic Nationalism vs. Civil Identity. Values and Symbols of Russian Nationalistic Political Organiz

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Miira Johanna Niska, University of Helsinki; Kari Mikko Vesala, University of Helsinki

Entrepreneurship Policy - Changing Discourse, Changing Positions

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