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Fouad Bou Zeineddine, University of Connecticut

The 2010-2011 Rise of Arab Democratic Engagement

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Jaime Lynn Napier, Yale University; Hulda Thorisdottir, University of Iceland

The Joy of Sexism? A Multinational Investigation of Hostile and Benevolent Justifications for Gender

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Jacquelien van Stekelenburg, VU University; Raymond van Ginkel, VU University

Diasporaprotest: Why Dutch Jews and Muslims protest in the Netherlands

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B. Aysuda Kolemen Luge, Centre for Policy Research, India

Everyday Turkish Discourses on Inequality: Mapping the Culture of Distributive Justice.

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Jose D. Villalobos, University of Texas at El Paso; Cigdem V. Sirin, University of Texas at El Paso

Security and Humanity along the U.S.-Mexico Border: An Experimental Study of How Border Security Pol

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Vadym Olexandrovych Vasiutynskyi, Institute of Social and Political Psychology

Value orientations of the Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine with different social and economic s

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Katharina Rothe, University of Leipzig; Kathleen Poege, Leipzig University

Gender and Medicine: Pregnancy and Gender Discrimination in the US and German Medicine

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Bernd Simon, University of Kiel; Frank Reichert, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Institut für Psychologie; Olga Grabow, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel,

The Role of Dual Identity in the Politicization of Migrants: Promise or Liability?

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Nazanin Moali, Alliant International University; Paula Johnson, Alliant International University

Social Political Activism and Perceived Sense of Self-Efficacy in Iranian American Women

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Andrea Bobbio, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Padua, Italy; Luigina Canova, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Padua, Italy; Anna Maria Mang

Correlates of Political Cynicism in Italy: A second study

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Meltem Guler, Ankara University; Huseyin Cakal, University of Oxford; Miles Hewstone, University of Oxford

Legitimacy and Permeability of Group Boundaries as Mediators of Collective Action and Intergroup Con

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lisa rubens, UC Berkeley

The Political Psychology of Militarization: Memory and Narrative in the case of the Oakland, Califor

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Christine Barwick, Humboldt University Berlin

Inequality in urban development: organized resistance against state induced urban renewal in Berlin

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Claudia Abreu Lopes, London School of Economics, Methodology Institute; Edurne Bartolome Peral, Universidad de Deusto, Spain

Trust in state institutions and justification of fraud in a comparative perspective

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Vlada Titova, St.-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy

Formation of psychological stability of the population in modern crisis conditions in Russia

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