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Alexander Katkov, Republican Scientific Practical Center of Medical and Social Problems of Drug

Psychological aspects of social epidemics

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Nicole Tausch, University of St Andrews; Julia Becker, University of Marburg; Russell Spears, Cardiff University; Oliver Christ, University of Marburg; Rim Saab, Cardiff

Explaining Radical Group Behaviour:  Developing Emotion and Efficacy Routes to Normative and Non-nor

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Maria Pushkina, Science Centre of Political Consult, Saint-Petersburg State University

Formation of the human capital of Russia by means of social psychotherapy

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Stefano Passini, University of Bologna - ITALY; Davide Morselli, National Centre for Competence in Research LIVES, University of Lausanne

The Legitimacy Triadic Model: Understanding the Support to Protests and Disobedient Groups.

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Rachel Isabel McDonald, School of Psychology, University of Queensland; Linh Lan Phan, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Anna Nicole Cooke, School of Psychology, University o

Morality vs. Norms: The power of moral outrage to overcome normative barriers to political action

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Nida Bikmen, Denison University; Diane Sunar, Istanbul Bilgi University

Difficult dialogues: Turkish students’ willingness to talk about inequality with Kurds and Armenians

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Alison Mary Baker, North Carolina State University

Severity of Conditions and the political development of Salvadoran adolescents

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Jojanneke van der Toorn, Yale University

Who’s the (Wo)Man? Complementary Gender Stereotyping of Gay Couples

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Annukka Valkeapää, University of Helsinki

Social identity and the evaluation of legitimacy in Finnish forest policy

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Samuel Pehrson, Queen's University Belfast

Towards a rhetorical conception of social comparison: Working-class Protestants discuss economic dep

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Hilal Galip, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences-Field IV: Attitude Formation, Value Change and International Communication, Jacobs University Bremen

Inequality and Happiness: People’s Attitudes towards Redistribution in Post-Socialist Russia and Hun

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Gallya Lahav, Stony Brook University; Julie Wronski, Stony Brook University; Patrick Lown, Stony Brook University

Immigrant Integration Norms and Antecedents of Muslim Attitudes in Europe

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Fouad Bou Zeineddine, University of Connecticut; Charles Harb, American University of Beirut; Emad Shahin, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of N

Perspectives on the Arab Protests of 2010-2011

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Victoria L Brescoll, Yale University School of Management; Eric Luis Uhlmann, HEC Paris

The Effects of System Justifying Motives on Endorsement of Biological Explanations for Gender Differ

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Janina Pietrzak, Univeristy of Warsaw; Katarzyna Chroł, Univeristy of Warsaw; Magdalena Markiewicz, Univeristy of Warsaw; Małgorzata Mikołajczak, Univeristy of Warsaw

The fatherhood penalty / fatherhood bonus in recruitment

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