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(Session Organizer) Michael E Morrell, University of Connecticut; (Discussant) Michael E Morrell, University of Connecticut; (Chair) PINAR UYAN SEMERCI, ISTANBUL BILGI UN

8F: Democracy and Political Participation

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(Session Organizer) Michael E Morrell, University of Connecticut; (Chair) Marta Miklikowska, Åbo Akademi; (Discussant) Peter Kotzian, Technical University of Darmstadt

8J: Trust and Anomie

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(Chair) David Johann, Department of Methods in the Social Sciences, University of Vienna; (Session Organizer) Michael E Morrell, University of Connecticut; (Discussant) m

8C: Citizenship, Civic Culture and Identity

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Thomas Craemer, University of Connecticut, Department of Public Policy

Inadvertent Racial Stereotyping in Social Science Research on Racial Inequality

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Rachel M. Calogero, Virginia Wesleyan College

Self-Subjugation among Women: How the Need to Justify the System Increases Women’s (but not Men’s) S

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Ines Meyer, University of Cape Town

The Needs Based Model of Reconciliation in the South African context: A first investigation

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Manasi Kumar, Manchester Metropolitan University

‘Girls are to be seen, not to be heard’ Linking child attachment, gender, poverty: Understanding soc

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Huseyin Cakal, University of Oxford; Miles Hewstone, University of Oxford; Charis Psaltis, Univeristy of Cyprus

A Longitudinal Study of Inter-group Contact and Collective Action among Groups in Non-Violent Confli

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Nikhil Kumar Sengupta, The University of Auckland; Chris G. Sibley, University of Auckland

Ideology and contact in post-colonial New Zealand: The role of interethnic friendships in the perpet

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Sven van de Wetering, University of the Fraser Valley; Andrea Hughes, Department of Psychology, University of the Fraser Valley

Is system derogation the flip side of system justification?

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Nicolas Van der Linden, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB); Laurent Licata, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Demonstrating on their Bicycles? The Relationship Between Political Efficacy and Participation Motiv

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Levente Salat, Faculty of Political Science, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj; Huseyin Cakal, University of Oxford; Miles Hewstone, University of Oxford

Collective Action on Behalf of the Weaker: When a stronger minority group is willing to act on behal

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Craig McGarty

Integrating emotion, identity and opinion for action towards positive social change.

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Roman Troyanovskiy, City mental hospital №3 of I.I.Skvortsova-Stepanova, St-Petersburg

City psychology: population training to psychohygiene principles

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Aysel Kayaoglu, Anadolu University

On the necessity of developing an indigenous understanding of sexism

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