International Society of Political Psychology

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The Development of A New Conservatism Scale and Its Relations with Regulatory Focus, the Need for Co

Gonca Ciffiliz, Hacettepe University; Asiye YILDIRIM, Maltepe University; Mine İlhan Öner, Hacettepe University; Deniz şahin, Hacettepe University

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Maltepe University
Research Area: Political decision making

This study will consist of two parts. The purpose of the first study is to develop a new conservatism scale based on the existing various conservatism scales in the literature, and to investigate its validity and reliability. The aim of the second study is to examine its relations with some individual variables.  In the first study, after administration of the scales (Right Wing Authoritarianism, Authoritarianism-Rebellion, Conservatism and Egalitarianism and Inegalitarianism) to a sample of 250 university students, the New Conservatism Scale’s items will be selected on the basis of item analysis. In the second study, it will be examined the relations among conservatism and regulatory focus, the need for cognition and intolerance of uncertainty variables in a sample 250 including participants from different socio-economic levels and age groups. It is expected that individuals who are prevention focused, have lower levels of need for cognition and also have higher levels of intolerance of uncertainty will demonstrate higher levels of conservatism. The data is still being collected. Results of the current study will be discussed with respect to relevant literature.