International Society of Political Psychology

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Policies for and Politics of the Protection of the Turkish Family

ASLI CARKOGLU, DOGUS UNIVERSITY; Nilufer Kafescioglu, Doğuş University; Aslı Akdaş-Mitrani, Doğuş University

Conference: ISPP 2011
Research Area: Social inequality and social change

In the last decade, Turkey has been going through rapid and extensive change in policies, laws and regulations. Most has stirred substantial public debate. Although the constitution Article 41 openly states the importance of government’s role in regulating family life, very limited explicit debate around family policy issues are evident. We discuss current day direct family policies regarding domestic violence and divorce, while evaluating the status of these policies from a feminist family systems perspective. In so doing, we review the current Turkish Civil Code, Penal Code as well as the law on the Protection of the Family and the establishment and review processes of the family court system in 2003. We make specific recommendations for collaboration and coordination among governmental agencies to work more efficiently and provide services fitting the interdependent and dynamic nature of families.