International Society of Political Psychology

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Mavi Marmara Raid

Bilgehan Ozturk, Dr. Cengiz ERISEN; Cengiz Erisen, TOBB-University of Economics and Technology

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Dr. Cengiz ERISEN
Research Area: Political decision making

This paper intends to discuss the sources and outcomes of the “Mavi Marmara Raid”, which

was one of the greatest conflicts in international relations of near time. The paper aims to

get answers for the questions of “Why did it happen? Why did Turkish and Israeli parties or

leaders act in this way? Is there any relation between the Davos Crisis namely ‘one minute’

and Mavi Marmara or was there a breakpoint in bilateral relations apart from Davos Crisis to

cause such a conflict?”

This paper aims to develop insights on whether the prospect theory provides the

better explanation for the policy choices of Turkey and Israel in the Mavi Marmara incident.

The question of why Israel acted in this way and Turkey reacted in that way is worth

to analyze seriously. A second question meriting further attention is if there is a relation

between the Davos Crisis and the Mavi Marmara raid or why the raid was so cruel which is

going to be studied and analyzed within the framework of Prospect Theory and this paper.