International Society of Political Psychology

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Formation of the human capital of Russia by means of social psychotherapy

Maria Pushkina, Science Centre of Political Consult, Saint-Petersburg State University

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Science Centre of Political Consult, Saint-Petersburg State University
Research Area: Social inequality and social change

On different researches in Russia in the psychotherapeutic and psychological help needs in one stage to 30 % of the population. In comparison with 2004, when we did for the first time psychological measuring of level of social stability (Russia, St.-Petersburg), in 2010 the population condition has changed. People in another way perceives the political information and in another way react. Under the pressure of external and internal destabilizing factors, presence of provocations to avoid an incandescence of a psychological condition of the population is impossible. What to do in this situation? We have addressed to history of psychology and to such term, as social psychotherapy. Social psychotherapy - as the mechanism of moral regulation of population behavior.
The social psychotherapy means some aspects. First of all it is verified, from the point of view of emotional loading, a word and lexicon." Who owns lexicon - owns social space "- a psychotherapy precept. Secondly, the social psychotherapy means the specific channel of dialogue of the psychotherapist with target audience. Dialogue occurs unilaterally through intermediary of mass media. Examples of such programs already exist, for example on St.Petersburg channel "TV100 ". It can be both telecasts, and books, and other tools used together with the religious organizations. Without understanding of meaning of the life, the purposes and values the person remains is defenseless before psychological and physical threats of life. Tools of work in social psychotherapy exists. There is no political will and that comprehension that with a psychological condition of the population it is already necessary to work as psychotherapeutic methods, for the conservation and building human capital of the country.