International Society of Political Psychology

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8D: Human Values: Links to the Family Context and Civic Engagement

(Session Organizer) Erik Amnå, Örebro University, Sweden; (Chair) Erik Amnå, Örebro University, Sweden

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Örebro University, Sweden
Research Area: Civic engagement and civic development

Analyses of attitudes and actions suggest that basic human values guide individual's political orientations and behavior. The main focus of this panel is on value transference at home and the relationship between youths’ values and their political interests and involvement. The aim is to see how different values relate to civic engagement of various forms.

In this panel we report three studies from the initial wave of a longitudinal project in Sweden on political socialization from age 13 to age 30. We use data from 16-year-olds and their parents and from 22-year-old adults. The first study (Özdemir, Kerr & Stattin) compares the values of youths with the values that parents have, and also the values youths believe parents to have and the values that parents believe youths to have.  Is there evidence of value transference at home or are the links just projections? The second study (Elgindy, Ekström & Östman) examines links between adolescents’ general and political value orientations and communication in the family: the general climate and communication about political issues.  The third study (Amnå) compares how value orientations are associated with different citizenship norms.

By bringing together perspectives from various disciplines and theoretical approaches, these three studies will give new insights into how adolescents’ values are related to different aspects of the family environment and the adolescents’ civic engagement and political participation.