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Annual Meetings

Our 2018 Annual Meeting will be held July 4-7, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas at the Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel, located on San Antonio's world-famous River Walk.

From one World Heritage Site to another! The San Antonio Missions have been declared an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can view information about San Antonio (attractions, dining, shopping, festivals, etc.) HERE.

Read about the San Antonio River Walk HERE.


View the conference web site via our online registration software HERE. Here you can find information on social and networking events, the conference hotel and destination, the agenda (once available), and more.


Conference Theme: Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Perspectives from Political Psychology

President: Eva G. T. Green (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
Program Co-chairs: Bethany Albertson (University of Texas - Austin, USA) & Frank Asbrock (Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany).


The keynote speakers for ISPP's 2018 conference have been announced. Please check back on this page for more on their specific talk titles in the near future:

  • Eva G. T. Green (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) will be speaking on the conference theme of "Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Perspectives from Political Psychology."
  • Jack Citrin (University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA) will be speaking on "Identity Choice and the Politics of Solidarity and Fragmentation."
  • Don Haider-Markel (University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA)
  • Stephen Wright (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada) will be speaking on "Collective Harm-doing: When is destructive action by our group acceptable?"

    Several invited symposia for ISPP's 2018 conference have been announced. Please check back on this page for more details and more symposia as participants and topics are confirmed:

  • LGBT Pracititioners and Research, Don Haider-Markel (Organizer)
  • Scholars at Risk Roundtable, Masi Noor & Kate Reynolds (Organizers)
  • Gender/Race Symposium, Angie Bos (Organizer)
  • Summer Institute in Political Psychology (SIPP), Jon Krosnick (Organizer)
  • ISPP Summer Academy, Chris Weber (Organizer)
  • Dehumanization, Nour Kteily and Emile Bruneau (Organizers)
  • Race Relations and Hierarchies, Arnold Ho (Organizer)
  • Latin American Symposium, Roberto Gonzalez (Organizer)
  • Political Psychology in Latin America: Its Organization and Research Agendas, Salvador Sandoval (Organizer)
  • Internationalization and Diversity Roundtable, Johanna Vollhardt (Organizer)
  • Speciesism and Human-Animal Relations, Kristof Dhont (Organizier)
  • When Politics and Social Media Collide, Andrew Guess and Joanna Sterling (Organizers)
  • Additional symposia will be organized by Roberto Gonzalez, Sylvia Perry, and others; check back here for updates

    Our Call for Papers can be viewed HERE.

    Individual submissions (papers/posters) and symposia are welcome. Typically symposia include a Chair and four presentations, or three presentations and a discussant.

    The submission process for the 2018 Annual Meeting is NOW CLOSED. The deadline for submissions was been EXTENDED to 20 January 2018. Please note that this is the FINAL DEADLINE and we will be unable to accept submissions beyond this date. You can view the status of your submisison HERE.

    Please be sure to note any scheduling requests when you submit your proposal (ex., do not schedule on first day). We will consider all requests, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone.

    For questions regarding the submission process, scheduling, and other matters related to the content of the program, please contact the 2018 Program Committee. For questions regarding the venue, lodging, and conference logistics, please contact ISPP's Central Office.

    The Program Committee is also working on composing several invited symposia on a variety of topics. Please check this page frequently for updates on those.

    Invitation to Participate and Additional Information


    All presenters at ISPP's 2018 Annual Meeting will be provided notification and will need to agree to terms regarding the use of copyrighted materials within their presentations during the submission process. That notice can be viewed HERE as well.

    U.S. Travel Restrictions and ISPP 2018 Annual Meeting in San Antonio

    The ISPP leadership and Program Chairs are aware and concerned that the current U.S. travel restrictions may prevent ISPP members from the affected countries from attending the conference in San Antonio. Such restrictions were not anticipated at the time the conference was planned. The ISPP leadership is following the situation closely and will refund conference registration if someone is unable to attend due to travel restrictions. Program submissions from potentially affected scholars will be considered, and if accepted, Program Chairs will work with the presenters to enable them to make an online presentation without paying the conference registration fee.


    You can now make your reservations at the conference hotel. ISPP has arranged for a block of rooms at the Hilton Palacio del Rio at discounted rates starting at $129++ USD/night for a single and $139++ USD/night for a double (Riverview rooms start at $179++ USD/night). Click HERE to access the exclusive web site for ISPP reservations. You can make reservations via this link until 5 June 2018. You can also book by phone by calling 1-800-HILTONS. Be sure to note the group code of "ISPP" to ensure you get the discounted rates.

    For GOVERNMENT attendees: We also have a small block of rooms at the government per diem rate. You will need to provide the hotel documentation to show that you are a government employee. You can access the government room block to make reservations via THIS LINK.

    PLEASE NOTE: The above is ISPP's ONLY arrangement for hotel reservations. All information and links relating to the conference will be provided on this web page and in e-mails directly from ISPP. Beware if you are contacted by someone stating that they are working with ISPP for discounted room rates; such communications are not legitimate.


    Please see THIS SITE for information about travel to the United States and visa requirements. PLEASE MONITOR FOR CHANGES TO EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND RULES REGARDING ELECTRONIC DEVICES ON BOARD FLIGHTS TO THE USA. Accepted presenters will be able to obtain a letter for visa application in early 2018.


    Registration Fees for ISPP 2018 for Income $0-$30,000 USD/year:
    Early Registration (ends 8 Apr 2018) Late/On-Site Registration
    ISPP Full Members $185 $255
    Non-Members $290 $350

    Registration Fees for ISPP 2018 for Income $30,001-$60,000 USD/year:
    Early Registration (ends 8 Apr) Late/On-Site Registration
    ISPP Full Members $215 $285
    Non-Members $320 $380

    Registration Fees for ISPP 2018 for Income $60,001-$90,000 USD/year:
    Early Registration (ends 8 Apr) Late/On-Site Registration
    ISPP Full Members $250 $320
    Non-Members $355 $415

    Registration Fees for ISPP 2018 for Income $90,001-$120,000 USD/year:
    Early Registration (ends 8 Apr) Late/On-Site Registration
    ISPP Full Members $290 $360
    Non-Members $420 $455

    Registration Fees for ISPP 2018 for Income $120,001-$150,000 USD/year:
    Early Registration (ends 8 Apr) Late/On-Site Registration
    ISPP Full Members $335 $405
    Non-Members $465 $500

    Registration Fees for ISPP 2018 for Income $150,00+ USD/year:
    Early Registration (ends 8 Apr) Late/On-Site Registration
    ISPP Full Members $385 $455
    Non-Members $515 $550

    Registration Fees for ISPP 2018 for Additional Categories:
    Early Registration (ends 8 Apr) Late/On-Site Registration
    Student Members $155 $185
    Student Non-Members $215 $235
    Retired Members $155 $185
    Retired Non-Members $215 $235
    Other (guests and unemployed) $185 $185

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    Registration fees include: admission to the full conference, coffee breaks, and admission to any general conference receptions (space permitting). Please note that receptions have limited capacities and will generate waitlists when they are full, but we will accommodate as many people as space will allow. The Mentoring Lunch is also free of charge, and is limited to 75 mentees and 25 mentors, to allow for the best interaction and exchanges. We apologize if we are unable to accommodate you this year.

    All conference attendees will be required to acknowledge and accept the liability waiver, which can be viewed HERE.

    Registration is expected to open in February 2018. A link will be posted on this page and sent out via e-mail directly from ISPP when registration is available.

    If you need a receipt or invoice for your payment in a different form than is automatically generated, please contact ISPP’s Central Office. This could include a receipt showing one payment for registration and ISPP membership.


    The Mentoring Luncheon is organized annually to facilitate one-on-one meetings between early career scholars and leading academics and researchers in their field. One of the main goals of this event is to facilitate long-term connections, for career development and research advice beyond the individual’s supervisors’ at her or his respective institution. This event has attracted increasing numbers of participants over the years, as emerging scholars recognize the value of engaging with leading researchers in a relaxing and informal atmosphere. The leading scholars provide their time on a voluntary basis, which is highly appreciated by the early career scholars. Opportunities to volunteer as a mentor or to sign up as an early career scholar are usually announced in the early part of each year. Announcements are made on the website, and invitations are sent out via email to ISPP members. If you or someone you know might be interested in volunteering as a mentor or attending as a "mentee", please do get in touch via email.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that due to limitations, this event can accommodate 75 mentees and 25 mentors (100 total persons). Registering for the lunch when you register for the conference does not guarantee your participation in the Mentoring Luncheon. You will need to receive confirmation of your registration for this event from the luncheon organizers.


    The application process for ISPP's 2018 Summer Academy is expected to begin ~January 2018. Please see THIS PAGE for details and links.


    The application process for Early Career Scholars Travel Awards is expected to open in early 2018. Please see THIS PAGE for details and links.


    For publishers and authors interested in having display copies, samples, or flyers at the conference, please contact ISPP's Executive Director, Sev Bennett, for more information.


    ISPP will be in San Antonio for the city's 300th anniversary. Many special events will be happening throughout the city, in addition to the celebration of the United States' independence on 4 July. View information on San Antonio and special events for the anniversary:

    Some maps of San Antonio and the River Walk:
    Overall Downtown:
    River Walk:
    Dining (River Walk/Downtown):
    Dining (Downtown Adjacent):
    More maps for tours, public transportation, etc.:

    *Please note that photographs and video are taken during the course of the conference. These images may be used in ISPP marketing materials, on the ISPP web site, and other products relating to ISPP. By attending, you consent to your image being used in ISPP-related materials.

    *ISPP reserves the right to deny registration or to remove an ISPP conference attendee at any time, for reasons, in its sole discretion, it deems sufficient.

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