International Society of Political Psychology

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6S Theory and measurement of national and European identity

(Session Organizer) Horst-Alfred Heinrich, University of Passau; (Discussant) Peter Schmidt, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen; (Chair) Horst-Alfred Heinrich, University o

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: University of Passau
Research Area: Political culture, identity, and language

Cohesion of societies is an important topic in social sciences. For decades, scholars have been enquired into identification with nations as more or less homogenous groups using the concepts of nationalism or patriotism. Nevertheless, within the context of migration and European unification one has to ask whether we are really able to grasp the problem of cohesion. The panel focuses on following aspects:
1) Given the fact that nation cannot be defined unambiguously we cannot be sure about the object of identification. Are nationalism and patriotism still useful concepts which can give satisfactory answers? With what do we identify: nation, political system, democracy?
2) Within a context characterised by long lasting migration movements in the whole world, it is not clear in which way nation is perceived by migrants and their descendants.
3) Finally, will nation be really important in the future in view of the process of European unification?
These aspects will be discussed by the contributors to this panel under a theoretical as well as an empirical perspective.