International Society of Political Psychology

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6P A “Tree Model” Process: “Grand Dome of Turkey”

(Session Organizer) murat sofuoglu, Prof. Vamık Volkan & Ekopolitik (Center for Economic and Social Reseach); (Chair) Vamık Volkan, University of Virginia

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Prof. Vamık Volkan & Ekopolitik (Center for Economic and Social Reseach)
Research Area: Political culture, identity, and language

The Tree Model process devoloped by Prof. Vamık Volkan aims to understand large group identity and rituals, transforming conflictual relationship into peaceful negotiations and/or coexistence. Grand Dome of Turkey project , developed by Ekopolitik, exemplifies the "Tree Model" of Prof. Vamık Volkan in Turkey. Based on the idea that Turkey has a historical and cultural large tent, which is called as "Grand Dome of Turkey" porject works on Kurdish Question by bringing together opposing groups of the issue. The "Great Dome of Turkey platform which is made up by members of diverse and opposing groups, looks for the ways of peaceful coexistence and tries to find a common terminology to define the problems and seek solutions while keeping their "large group identity". In the process of developing "Grand Dome of Turkey" project Ekopolitik established a National Core Group which has members from Turkish nationalists, PKK-related activists, liberals, former intelligence officials and army officers, rght & left wing Turkish and Kurdish intellectuals etc. under the guidance of Prof. Volkan. This core group represent the "Trunk" of the Tree Model. After the many meetings of the Core group, local core groups have been developed in Mersin, Hakkari, Malatya and Van encouraged by the togetherness of the National Core Group. In parallel to this meetings perception studies about Kurdish Question have been conducted in Mersin and Hakkari. The project will continue its journey with new core group organizations in the West of Turkey. In this panel some members of National Core Group who belong to conflicting parties of Kurdish Question will share their perspective and experiences about the "Tree Model Process" of Turkey developed by Ekopolitik.