International Society of Political Psychology

Conference Abstracts

2HH The Role of Educational Institutions in Facilitating Development of Culture of Tolerance

(Session Organizer) Gordana Rabrenovic, Norhteastern University; (Discussant) Glenn Pierce, Northeastern University

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Norhteastern University
Research Area: Intergroup relations

Education institutions have an important role to play in fostering and developing culture of tolerance among their students. In this panel we will explore different issues faced by schools and universities as they try to respond to new challenges created by the increased diversity of their school population.  Panel presenters will use results from empirical studies in different settings such as United States, Turkey, Sweden, Israel, and Northern Ireland to examine different policy responses to these challenges. Nihad Bunar’s presentation examines identity creation and negotiation of different ethnic groups in culturally heterogeneous environments in schools in Stockholm and Malmo, Sweden. Berna Turam’s presentation explores issues of religious tolerance by examining student responses to headscarf ban in universities in Turkey. Jack Levin’s presentation examines student’s involvement in preventing hate and bigotry on college campuses as well as fostering inter-group cooperation in diverse university settings. Gordana Rabrenovic’s presentation examines the role of peace education in N. Ireland and Israel in developing cooperation and understanding among students from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.