International Society of Political Psychology

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2D Building Peace in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland

(Session Organizer) Stephanie Burns, Queen's University Belfast; (Discussant) Evanthia Lyons, Queen's University Belfast

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Queen's University Belfast
Research Area: Intergroup relations

Thirteen years have passed since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) in Northern Ireland. Since then, radical political changes have taken place, but the road from peace-making to peace-building requires many social psychological changes too. This session will focus on different aspects of reconciliation and some of the processes which may lead to these changes. Ahmet Çoymak will discuss identification and changes in national identity preferences after the GFA; Mirona Gheorghiu will address the twin roles of trust and leadership, arguing that trust in community and political leadership can play a significant role in improving inter-group relations; Lee Devaney will give an overview of his research on the link between affirmative action programs (AAPs) and stereotype threat, and will describe how AAPs have been used in post-conflict Northern Ireland; and Stephanie Burns will discuss how respect for diversity is understood by children who were born after the GFA in Northern Ireland and how parents and teachers try to embed respect for diversity through socialisation processes in the home and school contexts. Social identity and self-categorization theories and the changing socio-political context of Northern Ireland will provide a backdrop for the findings. The symposium aims to share learning from the Northern Irish experience which may be applied in other post-conflict regions in the world.