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2A “Perspectives on Authoritarianism” - Turning the page

(Session Organizer) Friedrich Funke, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena; (Discussant) Christopher Cohrs, Queen's University Belfast; (Chair) Friedrich Funke, Friedrich

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
Research Area: Intergroup relations

Six decades ago the publication of The Authoritarian Personality (Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson & Sanford, 1950) set a milestone in the psychological research on the reasons and circumstances of political submission and leadership. Authoritarianism research, often reputed to be dead, has however become one of the evergreen core themes of political psychology.

Sixty years after this pioneering work about two dozens of prominent authoritarianism researchers from all over the world decided to assess the state of the art of that research field. “Perspectives on Authoritarianism” is a brand new edited volume, documenting current developments and integrating the evidence in a systematic way. The presented book is more than a mere anthology of empirical works, but rather synthesizes the research along relevant topics, including hot issues such as behavioural genetics or evolutionary psychology.

The roundtable opens the stage to a first critical open discussion of theoretical aspects of authoritarianism research for the next decade. Where are we, and where are we heading next? Some of the editors and authors will be on the panel and are welcoming a controversial debate.