International Society of Political Psychology

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1G Muslim-Jewish Reconciliation: A Psycho-Political Strategy

(Discussant) Vamık Volkan, University of Virginia; (Discussant) Jerrold M. Post, The George Washington University; (Session Organizer) Joseph Vincent Montville, George Ma

Conference: ISPP 2011
Affiliation: George Mason University; American University;Esalen Institute
Research Area: Political conflict, violence, and crisis

This will be a discussion and critique of a draft chapter that integrates careful historical research in the service of recovering evidence of what the great historian of the medieval Mediterranean,S.D. Goitein, called Jewish-Muslim symbiosis. The chapter is a cognitive assault on the current polemical view that Islam is organically anti-Semitic and committed to the destruction of the Jewish people. Jews and Muslims have a rich collaborative and creative history of which they may be proud.