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Call for Submissions - Junior Scholars Blog

Posted by Stavroula Chrona •

In order to stimulate dialogue and create a sense of community among Junior Scholars, the blog is now accepting short (between 800- 1.000 words) submissions on the theme of identity. The deadline for submissions is the 1st January.

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Call for Proposals: Routledge Studies in Experimental Political Science

Posted by Aleksandra Cichocka •

Political scientists are increasingly using experiments to study important political and social phenomena. The logic of experimentation makes it an appealing and powerful methodological tool that enables scholars to establish causality and probe into the mechanisms underlying observable regularities. Experiments, because of their transparency, also enable researchers to communicate their findings to a broad audience. Although highly technical knowledge is not necessary for understanding the gist of experiments, experiments must be designed, administered, and analyzed with care and attention to detail.

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