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Applications invited for the ISPP Junior Scholars Committee

Posted by kanica_rakhra •

Applications are invited by current members of the ISPP to be a part of the Junior Scholars Committee (2015-2016). Being a part of the JSC gives international committee experience and provides academics with a platform to interact with a wide range of senior scholars along with peers from different regions.

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Call for Nominations to the JSC 2014-2015

Posted by Emma O'Dwyer •

The current ISPP Junior Scholars Committee (JSC) is now accepting nominations to the 2014-2015 JSC. By working with members of the ISPP, organizing events at the annual meeting, and maintaining several online sites that facilitate communication across the discipline, the JSC is an integral part of the ISPP community. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and work with other members of ISPP, provide input into the JSC, and enhance your curriculum vitae with international committee experience.

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“I < 3 Economic Recession?” by Rosalie D. Clarke

Posted by Stavroula Chrona •

This piece on the topic of the "Psychological Consequences of the Economic Recession" is by Rosalie D. Clark. Rosalie D. Clarke is currently a research student in London, she works in the field of International Conflict Resolution (and analysis), with a particular interest in interdisciplinary approaches for resolving certain forms of conflict. She has a BA degree in International Relations and an LLM in International Criminal Justice and Armed Conflict. Rosalie can be found on both LinkedIn and, her CV and portfolio of work including some recent publications can be found there.

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2013 ECPR Research Sessions, July 9th- 12th, University of Essex. Call for proposals is now open.

Posted by Stavroula Chrona •

Since the ECPR’s foundation in the early 1970s, one of its key events has been its annual Research Sessions where a fixed number of cross-national groups of researchers meet over a few days to discuss the early stages of research projects. Over the years, this has led to the establishment of several long-term research projects and resulted in many publications. The next ECPR Research Session will be held on July 9th- 12th, 2013 at the University of Essex. Call for proposals is now open. The deadline for all proposals is 25 March 2013.

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